In addition to its excellent taste have applesuseful properties in a very large amount. In our country this is the most common fruit and it is pleasant that it is it that is extremely useful and necessary for our health. The healing properties of apples can be explained by their medicinal composition. These fruits contain vitamins P, C, E, B1, B2, carotene, as well as potassium, iron, calcium, sodium, boron, phosphorus, copper, iodine, aluminum, magnesium, fluorine, manganese, zinc, pectins, fiber, organic acid and sugar. And in the skin of the fruit there are flavonoids.

Useful properties of these vitamin-rich fruits have found wide application in folk medicine, and in cooking, and even in cosmetology.

Apples: Health Benefits

The fruits of apple trees contribute to normalizationfunctioning of the digestive system and digestive tract, and are also used to increase appetite and prevent constipation. One fetus with skin contains more than 10% of the required daily fiber norm, which is necessary for the body. Insoluble fibers contained in apples, remove harmful substances from the body and prevent constipation. The use of this fruit improves the intestinal microflora and digestion.

Apple lowers blood cholesterol levelsthanks to the content of pectin in it. The use of this product in food helps to remove cholesterol from the body, thereby reducing the likelihood of heart attacks and blood clots. A pectin helps to bind harmful substances (for example, arsenic and lead) that enter the body, and then remove them from the human body. Biologically active components of these fruits can reduce the risk of atherosclerosis.

The cardiovascular system perfectly strengthens apple juice. And if one hour before breakfast eat a couple of Antonov apples, the risk of premature death from heart diseases is reduced by 20 percent.

Polyphenols and flavonoids, contained in fruits,have an antitumor effect: they bind free radicals that are dangerous to health. These substances have even stronger antioxidant properties than vitamin C, which also have apples.

Useful properties of these fruits contribute toimprovement of the teeth. Especially useful is the fruit on an empty stomach. Pectins in the pulp are bactericidal. When chewing apple pulp, the tooth enamel is cleaned of an unpleasant plaque, thus sanitation of the oral cavity is carried out. At the same time, with a thorough chewing on a piece of fruit, the gums are massaged, improving blood circulation, and this also has a beneficial effect on the condition of the oral cavity.

People who consume apples are betterlungs function, in addition, the risk of respiratory diseases (even asthma), they are incomparably lower. Apples are recognized as one of the most powerful antioxidants that protect the lungs from the effects of tobacco smoke and other harmful impurities present in the air.

Thanks to the content of chlorogenic acid in apples, the systematic use of these fruits contributes to the excretion of oxalic acid from the body and the improvement of liver activity.

In the skin of the fruit contains antioxidant quercetin in a huge amount, it, along with vitamin C, does not allow harmful effects on the body of free radicals.

Apples have an easy diuretic effect, reducethe absorption of fats, and the fiber contained in the fruit, causes a sense of satiety. For this reason, apples are suitable for those who want to lose weight. And you can do unloading "apple days", in which to eat a half or two kilograms of these wonderful fruits for five receptions. Especially useful are such days with hypertension.

Seeds of apples also have medicinal properties. They contain a lot of iodine, so it's better to have apples with bones. Five to six bones contain a daily norm of iodine.

The maintenance in a fruit of an apple-tree of iron in a huge quantity does their simply irreplaceable for the treatment of anemia. For this purpose it is recommended to eat half a kilo of fruits a day.

Since during the heat treatment of applesit is lost about 70% of flavonoids, it is better to eat them raw. Although baked apples are also useful, especially for people who have increased acidity of gastric juice. The most useful substances are found in the skin of apples and directly under it, for this reason, do not clean them before using them.

Phytoncides of apples are active against pathogens of influenza A, Staphylococcus aureus, dysentery, protea. The use of apples is also recommended after the transfer of a heart attack.

Red apples are sweeter than green, because they havemore sugars. And what is a useful green apple? In green grades of iron and vitamin C more than in red, besides, they almost never cause allergies. And green fruits help to better digest fatty foods - so when baking a bird or meat, it's green varieties that are added.

With gastritis, green apples are also most effective.

Apples: useful properties for cosmetology

The consumption of apples favorably affectsappearance, prevents or significantly delay the appearance of wrinkles, stimulates hair growth. Often from apples make wonderful masks for the skin. They give an excellent effect and are suitable for any type of skin.

Apples give the skin a healthy appearance, quickly relieve fatigue. You can just massage the skin with a piece of fresh apple, it will immediately tighten and become younger.

Outer grated apples are used for burns,cover the affected areas, it reduces soreness and inflammation. With the help of apples warts are reduced, and with inflammations of the face apple masks are widely used.

Apples in Cooking

Apples are widely used in cooking. They are baked with honey, nuts and other fillings, put in meat, chicken, bake pies with them, etc.

Are apples useful? I think the answer is obvious. This is an incredibly valuable fruit that has excellent taste qualities and an incredibly large amount of nutrients.

But keep in mind: uncooked apples are not desirable for people with gastric ulcers, because the acid in them irritates the mucous membrane. Also, you can not eat a lot of apple pits - they contain dangerous hydrocyanic acid. But eating one apple after eating does not hurt.

Be healthy!

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