Apple - everyone's favorite fruit, eaten both in fresh and processed form.

useful properties of apple
It's no secret that this fruit is an excellent raw material, withwhich can be done a variety of culinary operations. In general, the apple tree is considered one of the most unpretentious trees, due to which it can be found almost in every garden in our country. There are also decorative species, but in this article we will talk about the fruits of the usual home apple, namely, what useful properties of the apple are known to date.

First, 4/5 of the fruit is water, the restpart - various useful substances. Among them, fiber, and organic acids, and elements such as potassium, calcium, sodium, phosphorus, magnesium and iron. Also in the apple is iodine. The vitamins found in this fruit include the following: A, B1, PP, B3, C and many others. Since this useful fruit is low-calorie, it is included in various diet for weight loss. Speaking about the useful properties of an apple, one can not help recalling also the content of natural acids (apple, citric and wine) in it, which favorably influence the work of the intestine and contribute to its proper purification. By the way, this delicious fruit also contains pectin, which has the properties of a mild laxative.

useful properties of apples
Useful properties of apple allow to usethis fruit is for preventive purposes. So, to prevent constipation, doctors recommend eating a couple of sour fruits. It is also known that apples contain substances that can stop the growth of cancer cells in the liver and intestines. To maintain proper functioning of the intestine, you can arrange unloading apple days once every two or three weeks.

Apples can be taken for food absolutely for everyone,including people with various diseases. The recently ripped fruit contains a huge amount of vitamins. The apple contains twice as much as in the orange, vitamin A, which prevents colds and various infections, positively affects the eyesight.

apple goodies
Useful properties of the apple are also noted anddue to the presence in it of vitamin G (very rare), which stimulates the appetite and promotes proper digestion. Many in the apple and vitamins B and C. The latter is favorable for the immune system, the walls of blood vessels, the whole body as a whole. As for iodine, it is much more in apple than in banana or orange, which allows using this fruit to prevent goiter. In addition, an apple, whose useful properties can be listed for hours, promotes the prevention of gallbladder diseases. It also contains natural antibiotics that destroy the causative agents of staphylococcus and influenza, dysentery, help with acne and rashes on the face.

To the useful properties of apples made themselves felt,It is necessary to eat fresh fruits in the form in which they grow on a tree, or as a grated puree. Note that the more time passed after you tore the apple from the tree, the more vitamins will lose the fruit. Baked apples, pies and compotes using these fruits are also very useful.

Thus, the examined fruit has onthe human body is very good effect: strengthens, encourages and refreshes. Apple diet and just regular consumption of this fruit in food will help you feel good and prevent various diseases.

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