In the fifties of the last century it waslaid the foundation of the City Clinical Hospital. Based on her, she is obliged to increase the number of people living in Moscow (in the past New Industrial) region of Tver.

Sixth hospital in Tver

Well-equipped with the latest science of the time, the hospital infrastructure consisted of:

  • a hospital occupying two buildings;
  • two polyclinics;
  • pediatric hospital;
  • twenty health posts;
  • children's and women's consultation.

The population of the surrounding area grew, increasedservice area, hospital number 6 (Tver) expanded. Opened the newest departments, specializing in various diseases. For ten years the hospital of the hospital has expanded, the number of places in the wards has doubled.

hospital 6 Tver

Hospital №6 (Tver): address and infrastructure

Sixty years have passed, severalgenerations of head physicians, the treating staff of workers was replaced, which was housed by the City Clinical Hospital No. 6. Tver is now considered the largest medical institution in the city, serving not only local residents, but also patients throughout the region. The medical institution is located at: ul. Ordzhonikidze, 36. It is the only one in the city that offers the services of highly professional dentists and orthopedists, and provides its own psychiatric services.

All buildings were recently repaired and restored. They replaced obsolete equipment for the most advanced equipment.

Hospital number 6 (Tver) today includes:

  • Modern polyclinics with a staff of highly qualified specialists;
  • eighteen treatment and diagnostic stationary departments;
  • day stationary department;
  • department of endocrinology;
  • Department of Coloproctology;
  • Department of Oncology, providing surgical care to patients with pathology of the thorax (thoracic);
  • Department for the treatment of patients with respiratory diseases (pulmonology);
  • Department of Surgery;
  • MRI room;
  • Department of Neurology, which treats patients with impaired blood circulation of the brain.

hospital 6 hard address

Public service

Hospital number 6 (Tver) serves:

  • all large industrial enterprises in the hospital area;
  • in the vicinity of small organizations and public services establishments;
  • several colleges;
  • School of Music;
  • six vocational schools;
  • 14 general educational institutions.

The staff of doctors and nurses consists of highly qualified specialists who passed the qualification exams perfectly, which is proud of the city hospital No.6 (Tver). And this can not but delight.

hospital 6 solid telephone

How does the hospital № 6 take visitors (Tver)

The telephone / fax of the hotline works constantly: 8 (4822) 58-74-07. On it, any patient can call and express their complaints and suggestions, solve topical issues. With the same purpose there are hours of reception of citizens at the head physician and deputies.

Entrance of transport of citizens to the protected territoryThe hospital is strictly regulated and is performed by passes. This ensures unobstructed passage of emergency cars. For transport visitors have free parking and parking.

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