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Denise Lynn's Dream Interpretation: Dream Interpretation about the Hospital

If a person has a dream about a hospital,that he should think about examining the doctor and check his health. The dreamer should also ask himself how well he cares about his health?

Dream Hospital
Karmic Dream Book: Hospital - Interpretation

The hospital is a place where a personis when he is sick. This image in a dream can indicate the fear of a dreamer before a disease or death. Perhaps this fear originates from a person's deep past. If a hospital is dreamed, then such a dream can still speak about the need for care and attention. This, too, can be the result of deep childish fear.

Freida dream book: hospital - what does it mean?

The hospital represents a frigid woman or a lady whose sensuality has not yet fully awakened (perhaps because of the lack of a good partner).

English dream book: the hospital - what is it for?

Stay in hospital in a dream predictsan accident or a disease in reality. Successfully leave the hospital - to recovery. Visiting a sick comrade in a hospital is a sign of sympathy for the dreamer of a noble person and for improving his affairs.

Dream hospital

Miller's dream: the hospital is a dream interpretation

If a person leaves the hospital in a dream, this ismeans that in real life he will be able to get rid of dangerous and treacherous enemies who try to bring a lot of trouble. If a psychiatric hospital was dreamed, then a strong moral strain awaits him awake, with which he will overcome various difficulties. Visiting patients dreams of trouble.

Tsvetkova dream book: the hospital - how to interpret?

The hospital can dream of the christening. If a dreamer visits someone in the hospital or takes him there in a dream, then awesome news awaits him awake. Just being in the hospital is a stupid situation and lack of money. If a person is hidden in a psychiatric clinic in a dream, then in real life, recognition, fame and success await him. To be a medical worker is to successful business. If you got into a hospital in a dream, then you need to watch out for intrigues from the representatives of the opposite sex.

Hospital dream book
Esoteric dream book: sick or hospital - interpretation

If the dream was a hospital, then the dream book says thatin reality you will be asked to provide a service, and you can not refuse it. If a dreamer lies in a hospital, then he needs rest (there is a risk of getting sick). If a person dreams that he is a health worker, then in reality he will arrange other people's affairs.

Lofa dream book: hospital - what does a dream portend?

Sleep, the hospital, which is a placeaction, waking is rarely related to disease. For example, emergency departments promise the welfare of people who are important to the dreamer and have a good relationship with them. If the therapeutic department is dreaming, this is an indication that the dreamer needs other people or wants them to need him.

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