As a rule, most people have a hospitalis associated with illnesses, ailments, the need to take tests, etc. And what if you have dreams that affect to some extent this medical institution? We propose to find out how such dreams are interpreted by the most complete dream books of our day.

what the hospital is dreaming about

What does the hospital dream about?: dream book of Gustavus Miller

If you dreamed that you are discharging fromhospitals, in real life you will be able to get rid of the machinations of enemies who plot evil against you. The psychiatric clinic predicts that the achievement of your goal will involve a great deal of mental stress. If you dreamed that you were sick and went to the hospital, you may also be in serious trouble with your health. Visiting the same in the hospital of other patients symbolizes the rapid receipt of bad news.

What does the hospital dream about?: an Islamic dream book

The dreamed hospital is considered by this dream book as a good sign, foreshadowing happiness in personal life, success in business and other joys.

hospital treatment

What does the hospital dream about?: an old English dream book

If you dreamed that you are inhospital, then in reality you are threatened with health problems or some kind of accident. Leave the medical institution - to quickly resolve all pressing problems. If you have come to the hospital to visit a friend or relative, then success and prosperity await you.

What does the hospital dream about?: dream book from A to Z

According to the interpretation of this dream book, a dreamThe hospital symbolizes the onset of problems at the very moment of life, when you simply will not have the strength or the ability to solve them. The only thing that you will do is expect help and support from close people. To go through treatment in the hospital - to illnesses, which, however, can be avoided, if in time to worry about the state of their own organism and start to lead a healthy lifestyle. If you are discharged from the hospital, you will be able to prevent your ill-wishers from harming you in time. Visiting a stranger in the hospital promises bad news, relatives - to sadness or loss, a child to an unexpected family event, a friend to great joy and pleasures. If you are in a psychiatric hospital, then you will have to experience a great mental stress on the way to overcome the obstacles that fate is preparing for you.

dreams of dreams

What does the hospital dream about: the ABC of the interpretation of dreams

If you dream that you were hospitalized forpassing the course of treatment, then in real life you really can need the help of a doctor. A similar dream also has another interpretation: you can experience an acute sense of total inner solitude. To visit one of friends or acquaintances in the hospital is to success both in business and in personal life. If in your dream you work in a clinic, then in reality for you may come hard times.

What does the hospital dream about: dream book XXI centuries

This source treats the dreamed hospital as an unkind sign, promising an offensive or a loss.

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