Average life expectancy of a personis about ninety years. However, each person lives the same years. At the same time, some in 50 years look at 30, while others at this age feel like decrepit old people. The fact is that along with the official age of the passport there is such a thing as biological age.

You need to know it to control the overallthe state of the body and have the ability to influence the processes that occur in it. For example, take measures to timely slow down the aging process. Tatyana Shapovalenko, the head doctor of the Health and Prevention Center of the Ministry of Health and Social Development, once said that biological age is not a verdict, but a biological clock is quite realistic to reverse. Certainly, this will require certain sacrifices: the rejection of bad habits, changes in diet, exercise.

The most common test is "Biologicalage "includes several fairly simple exercises on the reaction speed, endurance and elasticity of the skin. It is easy to pass this test.

There is a formula for calculating the biologicalage for women and men. In the first case, it looks like this: -1.463 + 0.415 ADP-0.140 SB + 0.248 MT + 0.694 POP, in the second - so: 26.985 + 0.215 ADS-0.149 ZDV-0.151 SB. +0.723 POPs.

According to this formula, the biological agecalculated using the following indicators. ADP (pressure arterial systolic) is measured by a tonometer on the right arm. HFA (duration of respiration delay) is measured using a stopwatch.

SB (static balancing) - time is measured,which a person is able to stand on the left leg when raising the right one by 10 cm up. ADP (pressure arterial pulse) is the difference between systolic and diastolic pressure.

MT (body weight) is measured in kilograms,is determined using conventional weights. POPs (self-assessment) are determined using a questionnaire (Does the head often hurt, do you sleep, does the heart sometimes hurt, does the hearing sound well? Do you drink only boiled water? Are you weather-sensitive? Do you suffer from insomnia? Constipation? Vertigo Does the liver hurt? Are you attentive and focused? Do you suffer from forgetfulness? Do you suffer from joint pain? Are you dizzy? Dyspnea? Do you go to the beach? How efficient are you? Do you feel happy? Is it easy to upset you? yatny taste in your mouth? Do Drink mineral water for medicinal purposes? Do loin? Does shortness of breath Sometimes Hurts? Have sometimes give up your favorite foods? Shumit whether in your ears?) Positive responses are summarized and are substituted for POPs.

The downsides of the popular blitz tests "Biological age" is that with their help it is impossible to assess the condition of internal organs.

How to know your biological age objectively? There are more professional tests. For example, the tests developed by the institute of gerontology will require you not only to measure the pulse, delay for breathing time, but also to measure pressure, as well as responses to about 30 questions. The results of such a test are calculated by a complex formula.

Experts advise paying attention toown health, if the results of the tests show that the internal and biological age differ by five or more years. Such figures indicate that the aging of your body occurs at a higher rate than expected.

Take note of the fact that every 10 years threekilograms of muscle mass are replaced in the body fat. Therefore, with an apparent preservation of the weight of harmful deposits becomes larger. Therefore, home scales are unable to objectively help in assessing the condition of the body, relying on weight indicators. To learn about the real ratio of muscle and fat mass of the body, as well as the percentage content in the body of water, it is possible only with the help of the procedure of biointentance measurement.

Therefore, in order to objectively determine the state in which your body stays at a certain stage, it is necessary to pass professional tests laid down with computer programs.

By the way, a very curious fact. According to the results of a study conducted by the Gerontological Center of Russia, the organisms of the "new Russians" and those closest to them in terms of their well-being are most quickly worn out. "Poor intellectuals" by biological clock are the youngest.

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