What is the power of attorney for, I think, knowsalmost every adult. This is a document that confirms the right, for example, of transport management, to be representative in various organizations, to carry out other assignments related to documentary work. In other words, to be a representative of a person who for some reason is not able to attend.

Question: does the term of the power of attorney depend on its purpose? Probably not. Legislation provided comprehensive information, which talks about the terms of the power of attorney and the beginning of its calculation.

In Article 186 of the Civil Code of the Russian Federation,that the maximum term of validity of the power of attorney is 36 months. The counting of this period begins on the day of issuing the power of attorney. If the power of attorney does not have a deadline, that is, it is not specified, then it is valid only for a year, and if the date of discharge is not specified, then this power of attorney does not have any ground at all.

A document can be compiled, for example, into oneday, and it will be in a month, or more. How is this explained? The thing is, it happens, a person can not always be in the same place on the basis of his employment, and therefore he makes a power of attorney with the proviso that its validity will come in a month. In the legislation, such situations are positively assessed, that is, they are allowed. Therefore, the term of validity of the power of attorney will not be calculated from the day it was drawn up, but from the date specified in the document. In the event that the beginning of the power of attorney does not coincide with the date of its compilation, that is, before the agreed date, this will not be considered a violation.

In the Civil Rights Code of Russia raisedthe question of whether to cancel the maximum term of the power of attorney in three years. This decision can positively affect the civil turnover. First, the expenses for issuing powers of attorney will be reduced, they can be issued for various terms, up to ten years. Secondly, the power of attorney was issued for a maximum of three years for security reasons. That is, that the representative of the principal could not make a rash and inadequate act. But 36 months, this is also quite a long time. During this time, you can make a lot of inadequate steps. Therefore, the term of validity of the power of attorney may be boldly increased. All will win. And the principal, and his representative, and notary offices.

The power of attorney can be of several kinds. A simple power of attorney, for example, on transport management and only. It is certified, as it should be, in a notary's office, but unlike a general power of attorney, it has few rights. A person who has such a document, can not do anything with transport, except how to ride it for a certain time.

The General Power of Attorney is a serious document. Possessing such a document, a citizen can perform the following actions: pass vehicle inspection, change license plates and units, dispose of a car, transfer, and sell. Here, the term of validity of the power of attorney is calculated as much as three years.

Nevertheless, even with such a document in hand, the owner of the car is the principal owner. In case of an accident, all documents are sent to his address.

Many, selling or buying a car, are in a hurry anddo not want to queue at the points of registration of transport, but go to the nearest notary and issue a general power of attorney. On the one hand, quickly and easily, on the other hand, if the unscrupulous buyer, then wait for receipts for the transport tax soon, and possibly other penalties.

At such registration to specify term of validity of the power of attorney is better for 1-3 months that your buyer did not have a temptation to operate the car long time.

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