Power of attorney for receiving the parcel. In certain life situations this document can become simply necessary. Some features of its compilation are set forth in this article.

When you need a power of attorney

With the passage of time, the popularity of postalSendings among ordinary citizens not only do not fall, but, conversely, increases. It is worth noting that the nature of such items has changed. If in former years the parcels were sent to each other by relatives living in different countries or cities, now organizations and entrepreneurs who carry out trade via the Internet, as well as other remote means, act as senders.

However, all the same rules remained in thepostal organizations concerning receipt of correspondence: it should be taken directly by those persons who are indicated as the recipient. In such cases, a power of attorney may come in handy, when the recipient can not physically come to the post office. And regardless of the reason why a person can not receive the parcel himself, this letter will be required by the post office employees and they will not be given out without him.

power of attorney for receipt of a parcel

Another circumstance requiring extraditionthe power of attorney is mandatory, the situation is when the legal entity is indicated as the recipient. Naturally, the organization itself can not come to the post office, the employee authorized by the director receives the package for it.

Design rules

If a citizen knows that within the nexthe must receive a postal order, but he can not receive it himself due to various circumstances (business trip, illness, employment at work, etc.), then it is necessary to take care of preparing the power of attorney in advance.

First, you need to identify the person who will be the trustee. This person must at least believe that he will not deceive and will not let you down.

Secondly, the power of attorney to receive the parcel,a sample of which will be issued in any post office, should be written on paper. The authority given orally will not have legal force. As a general rule, all powers of attorney are certified by a notary. However, to receive mail and other types of items it will be enough to certify the document in the housing department at the place of registration (residence). The head of the service organization must conduct the certification free of charge.

If it is difficult to assure the document in the housing departmentfor some reason, you can certify it at work. In this case, the responsibility for carrying out this action rests with the management of the organization.

letter of attorney


As already noted, the power of attorney foryou can ask for a parcel at the Post of Russia. But you can write the text yourself. The main thing is to comply with all legislative requirements and specify all necessary requisites. The approximate text of the letter of attorney for receiving the parcel is as follows.

"I, Lunov Sergey Alexandrovich, 16.10.1981 of birth, the passport of the series 01 04 No. 693093 issued on September 26, 2010, the Department of Internal Affairs of the Central District of Moscow, I authorize the citizen Lunov Ekaterina Anisimovna to receive the correspondence I receive in the post office No. 4 of Moscow, including parcels, letters , parcels and other. "

Approximately such content must havethe power of attorney to receive the parcel at the post office. In this case, it is necessary not to forget to indicate the date of its compilation and the place (city, village, etc.). At the end of the document, the certifying person makes the appropriate entry, affixes the seal of the organization.

letter of attorney for receiving parcel post

Term of validity of one-time power of attorney

The total duration of the power of attorney as such inthere is no legislation. At the same time, there is a reservation that if this period of validity is not specified in this written authority, the document will be in force for only one year. Based on this definition of the situation, it is possible to write out power of attorney, indicating in them different terms, even 100-200 years. Of course, so long the document will not act, but will cease to be effective with the death of the principal.

Speaking of a one-time power of attorney to receiveparcel, it can be noted that its term is further limited by the commission of a certain action - by contacting the post office and receiving correspondence. To distinguish a one-time power of attorney from a long-term document is quite simple - or it explicitly states that it was issued for receiving mail only one time, or instead of the word "receive" it indicates "get."

Invalidity of power of attorney

In order not to get into a difficult situation,when the postal workers do not accept the power of attorney, it is better to arrange it in advance, as it should, without violating the law. So, this document will be invalid if the date is not specified in its compilation. A simple formality, but without it, a power of attorney is not a document.

letter of attorney for receipt of parcel form

Important nuances of power of attorney

A few more things you need to know aboutthe document in question. It can be canceled. The form of such cancellation is not provided for by law. However, it seems that this should be the appropriate notification of the post office where the power of attorney should be applied.

In certain cases, the document ends itsact. This, as mentioned above, the death of the principal. The cancellation and expiration of the term is also a cessation. Other grounds for termination: the death of a trustee, the liquidation of a trusted organization, the recognition of the principal or its counterparty as irresponsible and others.

one-time power of attorney for receipt of parcel form

Thus, the power of attorney is an important andnecessary document, which should be prepared in advance and processed in accordance with legal requirements. The need for a power of attorney can arise quite unexpectedly, therefore it is always better to keep the form of this document at home, so that at the right time it only remains to fill it in and transfer it to an organization that can assure it. In turn, knowledge of the above information will facilitate the commission of this action, resolve many possible issues that arise in a person who needs to receive a parcel at the post office.

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