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Among tourists all over the world one of the mostThe resorts visited are Turkey. Rest on the sea in this place is amazing and unforgettable. This is a whole resort country, the feature of which is its location. Vacationers are interested in the question of which sea in Turkey is the best.

Paradise on Earth

Turkey is washed by four seas: Marble, Black, Aegean and Mediterranean. All this allows you to choose a suitable place for every holiday. Turkey is also distinguished by a huge coastline of 8,000 kilometers long. This country is famous for its beaches, ideal for families. The best resorts in Turkey usually have their own beach. So, what is the most popular sea in Turkey? Mediterranean and its coast is the most popular tourist destination in the country. Recently, the popularity of resorts in this place has grown so much that forethoughtful tourists have started booking rooms in advance (in the spring). Otherwise, it's simply impossible to find a free place.

Resorts of the Mediterranean Sea: Antalya

The main resort city and concurrentlyprovince of Turkey. In this area are beautiful sandy beaches. Tours to Antalya can be enjoyed by couples in love and large families with children.


The young resort of Turkey, which is locatedeast of Antalya, near the mountains. The resort zone of Belek is surrounded by eucalyptus and pine forests, which makes it a real gift for lovers of outdoor activities. In addition, in the resort area all conditions for riding and playing golf are created. The coast of the Aegean Sea is the second most visited resort, thanks to which the sunny Turkey is so popular.

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What the sea is known to all tourists

The coast of the Aegean Sea stretching from the westcountry, has gained a positive reputation due to the constant climate. Vacationers do not feel the debilitating heat even in the middle of summer, when the air is unbearably warmed up. It's all about the breeze that brings freshness. That is why the question of what kind of sea in Turkey is the most popular, you can answer - Aegean!

Resort for the whole family

The city of Marmaris is located in a picturesque bay andsurrounded by mountains on all sides. The entrance to the bay protects the huge island, which prevents the emergence of waves on the beaches of Marmaris. This resort is great for relaxing with children. The city is considered the capital of sailing in Turkey.


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The city together with the resort area issouth-west of Turkey. Fethiye is located in a very picturesque zone: at the foot of the mountains with cedar and pine forests growing. In general, the place is suitable for a quiet and comfortable stay.

Which sea in Turkey is less popular

The Black Sea in Turkey is not so popular amongtourists like the Mediterranean and Aegean. The Turks themselves prefer to rest on the Black Sea coast, since it is much cheaper than at other resorts. The Black Sea coast is the most green region of Turkey, but the climate here is not very stable: rains alternate with sunny weather. However, this does not interfere with comfortable and peaceful rest. The climate on the Black Sea coast is humid, as the mountains located along it often detain the clouds.

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