Turkey is a country that few modernRussians did not attend. However, the bulk of tourists are sent only to the Mediterranean coast, to the famous Antalya, Side, Alanya and other cities. However, few resorts visit Turkey's resorts on the Aegean Sea, and in vain. It is about these enchanting and unforgettable places that we now will talk.

resorts of turkey on the Aegean sea

As everyone knows, this wonderful southern countryIt is washed by three seas: Black, Mediterranean and Aegean. On the coasts of the first, alas, the tourist infrastructure is almost not developed, because, according to local residents, this is a too cold region. With the Mediterranean Sea everything is clear - this is the resting place of the majority. There are chic hotels, and shops, and parks, and everything that can only be needed during the holidays. But this does not end with the map of Turkey. Resorts of the Aegean Sea - this is one of the most enigmatic and enchanting sights of this country.

resorts of the Aegean Sea in Turkey

Mainly it is worth noting that the westernThe coast of the Asia Minor is the focus of quiet and picturesque harbors. All the resorts of Turkey on the Aegean Sea are very cozy and beautiful, but these are not all the dignities with which they can boast. The main difference of this region is the presence of a wind called Imbat, which blows from the sea. Thanks to him, the region is not so hot and arid, as in other cities of Turkey. It is also this natural aspect that allows you to windsurf all tourists who have decided to spend their vacation here.

map of turkey resorts of the Aegean Sea

As already mentioned, the coves areThe dignity, which is covered with all the resorts of the Aegean Sea. In Turkey, the number of picturesque bays is very large, and almost every one of them has its own characteristics. Among them there are both open harbors, in which rise the high waves necessary for surfing, and small coves, ideal for recreation with children. By the way, it is in this region of the country that the influence of the Greek style is felt. In ancient times, modern resorts of Turkey on the Aegean Sea were repeatedly conquered by Greek generals, and Hellenistic constructions were erected on these lands. Some of them have survived to the present day and now are for us living historical monuments.

Despite the fact that the resorts of Turkey in the Aegeanthe sea - a place not so popular, as other regions of the country, the infrastructure here is developed magnificently. A huge number of water parks, shopping centers, restaurants and nightclubs will not make even the most picky tourist bored. Entertainment here, as they say, for every taste, and it is provided as a rest with children, and holding a honeymoon. It is only necessary to warn the tour operator in advance about your plans, and he will provide you with the necessary and useful program.

Resorts of Turkey on the Aegean Sea have moreone significant plus - they are all on the first coastline. Just in this region, a landscape that does not allow you to build a few rows of residential complexes. Therefore, in whatever room you are settled - in any case, you will admire the sea, getting up in the morning from bed, and, of course, you will be able to reach it in a matter of minutes.

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