Turkey, the description of which resorts interestsmany travelers, takes the leading place in the list of holiday destinations for Russians. Tourists in this country are offered a high level of service at relatively low prices. Those who are going here for the first time, are interested in the reviews of travelers who spent their vacation here.

It must be said that the country is washed by three seas,However, the beaches are located mainly on the Aegean and Mediterranean coasts. Despite the fact that hotels are ready to receive tourists all year round, at local resorts, Russians prefer to rest mainly in late spring and summer.

In the south of Turkey is the Antalya coastwith a lot of comfortable beaches and comfortable hotels, working on the popular all-inclusive scheme. If you describe the resorts of Turkey, then the cities located here should be specially noted.

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Thus, in Antalya itself travelers canenjoy not only the best sandy beaches of the country, but also the numerous entertainment offered. There are night bars and discos, fashionable shops and colorful eastern markets. Hotels in Antalya are most often referred to 4- and 5-star establishments. Most of them have their own swimming pools, as well as a spacious adjoining area.

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In the south of the country there are other, not lesscomfortable for vacationers resorts of Turkey. Description Kemer can be found on many tourist sites, because this place is very popular with travelers. The city is located near the mountains, which have dense pine trees. The beach here is pebbly, but thanks to this the sea is clean and transparent. Kemer is quite a busy place, in which young people prefer to rest. Tourists are offered a lot of entertainment. Hotels in the city fall into various categories: from cheap 2-star to luxury 5 * hotels.

resorts turkey description

Description of resorts in Turkey worth continuingBelek, considered one of the most expensive, but at the same time the most comfortable. Almost all local hotels are designed for VIP-clients. Many hotels are designed for families. The main attractions are hotels themselves. Active tourists who prefer "hangouts" can be a little bored here. By describing the resorts of Turkey, Belek can be attributed to a place that is more suitable for a quiet relaxing holiday.

The Aegean coast is less popular among Russians,but quite common among European tourists. The beaches here are pebbly and stony. The local resorts of Turkey description is: quite comfortable and lively city. The style of recreation in them was formed under the influence of tourists from Europe who prefer to spend time and have fun outside the hotel walls, therefore the system "all incluisive" is not so common here.

While describing the resorts of Turkey on the Aegean Sea,it is necessary to mention such cities as Marmaris, Bodrum, Sarigerme. Here, travelers can rent a yacht, visit an aquapark or simply enjoy the local scenic vegetation.

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