Roman Aleksandrovich Kuznetsov is a young writer,whose work was duly appreciated. Roman fell in love with the readers, because his works are filled with meaning, the reader's ideas and original thoughts of the author. The philosophy of the life path, which is present in all the works of the writer, has become a characteristic feature of his work.

Kuznetsov Roman: Creativity

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The writer was twice nominated in the Writer Awardof the year". Roman Kuznetsov, whose books are written in prose, can touch the soul of every reader. But in addition to these works, in the writer's luggage there are works in the genre of journalism, reporting and poems in prose. All works are philosophical, in them the author reveals his thoughts, and behind the portraits of the main characters lies his own "I". In each work the author discusses the topics and problems that concern him for a long time.

Books of the writer - philosophy in each line

One of the most striking works of KuznetsovRoman became the philosophical argument "We are infinite. Notes amateur ». In the work Kuznetsov talks about how our universe works. Each chapter considers a separate section of philosophy and human life. Is rebirth possible? What life cycles exist in reality, and which were instilled in this idea in time? All works Kuznetsov Roman writes in clear language, not using the terms of philosophy. All reasoning is filled with thoughts of the author only, who can really make the reader think about the process of regeneration, about what happens to the human soul, once the body is not able to function anymore.

Miniatures of the writer - works with meaning

One of the most famous miniatures wasthe side of the moon. " In the center of the plot of "The Back of the Moon" is the story of an astronaut who went to the moon. The protagonist liked this journey until a certain moment - strange things begin to happen soon, which, of course, frighten a lonely cosmonaut.

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Also, readers appreciated the miniature "The Lastocean". Events unfold around the main character - the ocean. All the fears and feelings of the main character the author surprisingly delicately describes. The miniature is more philosophical than an artistic work. The monologue that guides the ocean can affect the soul of every reader.

In addition to these most famous miniatures, KuznetsovRoman is also the author of the no less outstanding "Mask". The plot unfolds around the main character, who writes something, but because of the iron mask on his face does not understand what exactly. He can not see anything clearly, can not make out the words that come before him. This mask is like the personification of human isolation and closeness. Miniature also refers to philosophical works, because the author discusses important things with the help of his lyrical hero's thoughts.

Roman Kuznetsov and his stories: personal experiences and torments of heroes

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One of the most outstanding works of the writer inthis genre was "The longest day." In the story it is said about the day of life of the main character - the whole everyday life is so boring that getting out of bed is a feat. Life, which runs monotonously and consists only in anticipation of the weekend, is so boring to the main character of the story that a sudden change turns his life upside down.

Another famous story Kuznetsova became"The Stone of Truth." Love and non-reciprocal feelings drive the main character crazy. Long thinking and tormented by the decision, the main character of the story decides to confess her feelings to the girl who has long occupied all his thoughts. But whether the feelings are reciprocal and how the protagonist will manage to survive the situation in which he will have to fail is a huge mystery, the answer to which only Kuznetsov Roman knows.

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