"Vice-president" - this word often sounds withscreens of TVs, on the radio and meets us in the media. And what does it mean? The word "vice" comes from the Latin language, where at one time it denoted certain duties, vices. Wizzerex was the acting king, then the governor. In modern dictionaries, you can read that this prefix implies a certain meaning of the word "deputy". In fact, the meaning remained the same as in the old days. "Vice-president" verbatim - deputy president. The expression is applicable both to the head of state and to the head of a large company or organization.

The Vice President
This concept was first introduced by the United StatesAmerica. It was here that such a state post appeared in 1789. John Adams performed until 1797 the duties of the head of state in his absence. The vice-president was elected in the same way and in the same ways as the head of state, and for the same period of time. By the way, this US vice-president soon became president of the United States.

It should be noted that the performance of the duties of the Vice-President takes place only in a limited scope, there are no full presidential powers.

For the first time the phrase "vice-president of the UnionSoviet Socialist Republics "appeared in 1990, and" vice-president of Russia "- in 1991. This post at that time was occupied by Yanaev Gennady Ivanovich, that was elected by the Council of People's Deputies somewhat later Mikhail Gorbachev.

Vice President of the United States

Then, with the popular vote in 1991, along with the election of President Boris Yeltsin, the candidacy of Rutskoi Aleksandr Vladimirovich was approved as vice-president.

In 1993, the country collapsed constitutional crisis, it was then that the position in the state was canceled.

Then the Constitution of the Russian Federation excluded this state post from the list of state duties.

The experience of the introduction of this post has revealed the following disadvantages:

  • Fuzzy arrangement of duties of the second personstate. The powers of the head of state were much broader than his deputy, and, therefore, the post played a shady role rather than any specific one.

  • In case of the addition of duties of the head of state,in the presence of the position of the transfer of power to the vice-president, the opponents of the new chapter have an excellent opportunity to sag the former in his side.

  • After the resignation of the head of state, his post was held by the vice-president, as it was both times, which led to clashes between supporters.

Vice-President of Russia
The position of "vice president of the company" exists inThe Russian Federation from the 18th century. The role of the post is essentially the same as in the state - the deputy head. Those. Acting president of the company in his absence or with his employment. As a rule, the vice-president of a company manages one of the company's activities, which is logical to avoid the very shadow role. Currently, such a position in its state has such companies as Samsung, Microsoft, Kaspersky Lab, etc.

Such a story has this word. And if the state at one time renounced its position, then the giants of domestic and foreign business successfully continue to implement. There is something to think about ...

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