Anna Lewandowski - Polish professionalathlete, has a black belt in the discipline of traditional karate. He is a multiple prize-winner of world and European Karate championships. A graduate of the Academy of Physical Education in Warsaw (Poland). Currently she is engaged in coaching activities, and also develops her own programs of diets and trainings, which are known all over the world.

Anna Lewandowski is the wife of the famous Polishfootball player Robert Lewandowski, who is the main striker of the German club "Bavaria" (Munich). The whole pair of Poland is proud of the family, not because the marriage is stellar, but because each of them has achieved heights in big sport, than glorifies the Polish nation and popularizes the culture of sport in it.

Anna Lewandowski

Anna Lewandowski: Biography

Was born on September 7, 1988 in the city of Lodz(Poland), her maiden name is Stakhurska. She was born into an intelligent creative family: her father, Bogdan Stakhursky - a famous Polish cameraman, and his mother, Maria Stakhurska, - a stage designer (she was engaged in making a film set). Parents wanted to attach their daughter to the art of cinema, but she flatly refused to agree, so she did not have any interest in creativity. Since childhood, she was a sports and active child, she was engaged in several sports (track and field, gymnastics, etc.).

At the age of ten, the parents gave the girlto the karate section. Fortunately, she liked to practice this kind of sport, and she began to progress significantly in this direction. In the period from 2005 to 2013, Anna Lewandowski regularly performed at world and European karate tournaments. In total, the girl has 35 medals, including 8 gold, 13 silver and 14 bronze medals. In 2012, the Polish athlete received a Ph.D., defending her dissertation at the Academy of Physical Culture named after Józef Piłsudski.

In September 2013 Anna was awarded the title ofnutritionist. The Polish karateka and the wife of football player Robert Lewandowski currently conducts a blog called Healthy Plan from Ann, where he gives his recommendations on the right balanced diet, diet, exercise for weight loss and other.

Lewandowski Ann

"The Polish family of Beckhams"

Footballer of the Munich "Bavaria" - strikerRobert Lewandowski - grew up and brought up in a sports family. It's not at all strange that he linked his future life with sports. Along with this, Robert always dreamed of having a sports wife with whom he felt a single rhythm. By the way, he was very fortunate. He met the charming and charming beauty Anna Stakhurska, who is popular throughout Poland and Europe with her triumphant performances in the discipline of karate.

Fans and fans of the couple Robert andAnna Lewandowski called them "the Polish family of Beckhams". They always look beautiful and elegant, go in for sports, and also observe the right diet. Together with this, the couple is always open to the press and the media, which causes even more respect among their fans.

Love story

Robert and Anna met in 2007. Then they were students of the Warsaw School of Education and Sports. We spent very little time together, because Robert played on the contract in a German club, and Anna stayed in Poland. However, the distance only brought their hearts together. As a result, Robert made a proposal of the hand of the heart.

A family

June 22, 2013, Robert and Anna married. In early 2017, Anna Lewandowski publicly stated that she was five months pregnant. On May 4, 2017, the daughter of Clara was born.

Anna Lewandowski biography

Family Lewandowski in the world is considered idealpair. Spouses always look after themselves and beautifully dress up. Together they attend many different social gatherings, where they cordially answer all the questions of inquisitive journalists.

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