Bogner products are not ordinaryclothes, and status! These are elite functional suits for sports and recreation, which are chosen by modern show business stars and famous politicians. However, perhaps not everyone knows that "Bogner" is clothing not only for sports. The company has long and successfully produced and sells perfume, glasses, leather products, casual clothes for wealthy people.

Bogner Sportswear: How it all began

bogner skiwear
In 1932, the now famous skier Willy Bogner,eleven times world champion in various types of ski disciplines, founded the company Bogner, which for a long time produced only clothing and accessories for skiing. In just four years, the company was entrusted to sew costumes for the German national team in skiing. Twelve years later, clothes from the "Bogner" decorated the catwalks on the world's most famous fashion shows. Over time, the range of products has expanded significantly. There was a new production:

- sports suits for men and women;

- Suits for tennis, golf;

- leather shoes for sports;

- glasses for skiers;

- swimwear;

- clothes for bikers.

However, to this day, Bogner's visiting card is ski clothing. It is not only beautiful, comfortable and original.

sportswear bogner
Sports clothes Bogner speaks of the flawless taste of its owner. This is constantly confirmed by many world stars and even presidents of some states.

Bogner - ski clothing: features

What is it that attracts so manyfans? Many sports models are made of windproof fabric. Thanks to this you will feel a real pleasure on the ski high-speed trails. Each model Bogner - ski clothes of the highest level. Removable hoods and special models of overhead and inner pockets make each brand suit functional and comfortable. The fur of the Finnish raccoon provides heat even in the harshest frosts.

Tracksuits Bogner

These models perfectly combine sports style andAn exclusive fashion with functionality and quality. They are characterized by an ideal cut, restrained and refined range of colors and shades, the right sport silhouette.

bogner clothing

Hygroscopic materials, from which sports suits are made, guarantee comfort and durability. This is a universal clothing for both men and women.

Bogner: Ski Clothing Today

In the company's collections there are models forhigh-speed trails, for relaxing on weekends, and for walking in the city. Recently, experts of the company presented their fans with elite sports clothes and equipment - very expensive skis and unique sticks, made by hand. Indescribable emotions from a comfortable ride - this is Bogner - ski clothing out of time.

Brand Popularity

Bogner - clothing that is made fromquality and expensive fabrics with exquisite fittings and famous SWAROVSKI rhinestones. In our country, Bogner products are deservedly popular. Many public people in Russia prefer to rest and play sports popular clothes Bogner.

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