Finnish company "Lassie" - famousmanufacturer of children's outerwear, accessories and shoes - is part of the corporation Reima Group. It was founded in 1944. Twice a year the well-known brand offers a new modern collection of clothes for preschoolers.

frosty clothes
Products "Lassie" - clothes that do not needin complex care, adapted to severe northern conditions. Overalls of the company will protect your child from piercing winter wind, cold and water. In such reliable and comfortable clothes you can walk on the street in any weather.

In the manufacture of children's clothing usedenvironmentally friendly materials that undergo additional tests. Teflon coating of the fabric repels moisture and dirt. Lightweight and soft hypoallergenic warmth reliably keeps the heat.

The clothes produced by the company "Lesse"the highest security requirements. Warm models have many reflective details that make the child noticeable even at night. In this season, Finnish clothes for children "Lassie" is different bright and juicy colors, original design models made of fabric with a pattern. Supplement to overalls and jackets will be helmets, hats, gloves, mittens and scarves.

Finnish clothes for children

Products "Lassie" - clothes of the highest quality,which is suitable even for very active young children. It is so durable and comfortable that you can ride it from a slide. After walking it is easy to put it in order. To do this, it is enough to wipe the overalls or suit with a damp sponge. This is possible because in the production of outerwear the company uses Lassietec and Taslan. It is completely waterproof fabric - their inner side is reliably protected from moisture by the finest polyurethane film. On the front side, the fabric is treated with special tools that repel moisture and dirt.

Another novelty from the company "Lassie" - clothing fromtechnological material Suprafill, which is used for making winter overalls and jackets. Its characteristics are such that you can absolutely not be afraid of getting wet, even if your baby is sitting in a puddle or lying in the snow.

winter clothes for children
In Russia, jackets have become very popular, children'ssuits, overalls from the company "Lassie". Children's clothing winter-spring 2014 is made of so-called breathable fabrics. Supratech is a wonderful new material that Lassie uses in places that are particularly susceptible to wear-elbows, knees, buttocks.

In addition to excellent technical characteristics,clothing "Lassie" is remarkable for its magnificent design. Your child will not be lost in the crowd of peers - the original style, a bright coloring will allocate it on the general background. That's why winter and demi-season clothing from the company "Lassie" will please not only you, but your child.

As a heater in the latest models of "Lassie"The new Wadding material is used. It is an elastic, soft and flexible material that consists of thermosetted fibers that are resistant to stresses. He is not afraid of intensive exploitation and frequent washing. Heat insulation keeps heat and does not absorb moisture.

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