Such a clothing brand, like Cropp, is designed forurban youth who want to always look stylish, individual and express their worldview in society with the help of fashionable things. Moreover, all conditions have been created for this. This brand has successfully found its fans in 11 European countries and continues to learn new heights.

History of the brand foundation

Relatively recently, the brand Cropp was created,The garments produced by her have been very popular all over the world since 2004. This Polish brand is focused on the youth category of the population. It is most popular in the following countries: Czech Republic, Lithuania, Latvia, Poland, Slovakia and Ukraine.

Only in the homeland of the brand successfully operateabout seventy stores of the same name, where young people aged between 17 and 25 can easily find comfortable, stylish and high-quality things for themselves. After all, Cropp - clothing that not only protects from adverse external factors, but also positions a person from a better and stylish side.

Cropp Clothing

Assortment, variety of products

It should be noted that Cropp is clothing thatIt was created for a narrow category of people who do not want to be like everyone else. Having got into any of the shops of the network, you can witness with your own eyes the unanimous direction of the brand, which sets the tone for the overall style and makes it individual and unrivaled.

Among all the variety of things Cropp clothing is divided into 4 main male and female lines:

  • Street Couture includes a collection of things aimed at young girls who like bright and look individual enough.
  • Urban Sport Life - clothes aimed at girls who appreciate not only the latest trends in fashion, but also comfort in tandem with romance.
  • Street Wear is a men's collection for freedom-loving personalities who prefer a combination of sporty style and fashionable notes in their clothes.
  • Style Selector - a line focused on the male half of humanity, created according to the design and artistic developments.

Youth clothes Cropp

Original development and the latest brand introduction

Cropp's youth clothing is not limited to the release of only the female and male product range, which includes jackets, sports and everyday things.

The following things can be attributed to the products of this brand:

  • Linen products for women, made in the majority of natural cotton materials, giving pleasant sensations to the body and comfort.
  • Stylish and quality shoes.
  • Fashionable costume jewelry that will help turn any image into a more individual and colorful.
  • Swimsuits and swimming trunks, thanks to which the holiday season will be unforgettable.

Cropp app reviews

Cropp (clothes): reviews

  • Buyers note a wide range of clothing instores brand Cropp: all the bright, extraordinary and not constraining movements. It is not difficult to pick up things for walks or for active sports, regardless of the direction. Updating the assortment in the stores of the eponymous brand occurs quite often, and it's hard to stay unnoticed by updating your wardrobe in this place.
  • Only stylish and quality clothing is sold inCropp stores across the country. Proof of this is the fashionable cut and the original color solutions, to which the youth contingent of the population first of all pays attention. In order to keep up with the times, it is enough just to choose your wardrobe in the style of Cropp, which corresponds to the individuality and brightness.
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