Beauty salon can be arranged at home. Masks, lotions and even creams are very well prepared from available fruits and berries, vegetables, dairy and fermented milk products. The main thing is to correctly determine the type of your skin and get hold of the top ten most effective recipes.

Preliminary remarks

cucumber lotion at home
Cucumber - one of the most popular incosmetology ingredients for the preparation of various skin care products. It perfectly moisturizes, whitens, tones, especially in combination with other herbal ingredients. But before you share the secret of how you can make a cucumber lotion at home, I would like to draw the attention of our ladies to this nuance. Such funds are prepared on an alcohol basis. And here it is necessary to remember: "alcohol" in the preparation can be kept from 6% to 30%. Thus it is necessary to observe a proportion: if a lotion of cucumbers is prepared for a pimple teenage skin, the maximum allowable amount of alcohol can be used at home. If it is planned to process them simply fatty or fat-prone skin, then 15% is enough, as much as 19-20% of the total amount of liquid. The most gentle and soft should be on the composition of the drug for a fading face and prone to dry skin. In this case, alcohol (vodka) in a cucumber lotion, made at home, do not add more than 6%. Use as a raw material can be a vegetable of different varieties. Of course, it should be mature enough, even if it is old. But only not rotten and not sluggish.

lotion of cucumbers and vodka
For cosmetic products healthy gifts are suitablenature, juicy - after all, juice is needed in this case. Cucumber lotion is produced in the home in this way: all components are thoroughly washed, the cuticle can not be cut from the vegetable. It should be rubbed on a plastic grater (iron oxidizes), then squeezed into a clean container through a sterile gauze folded in 3-4 layers. Obtain the resulting liquid. It is advisable to put the juice in the case right away or put it for a couple of hours - no more - in the refrigerator. Or it is directly mixed with alcoholic components and infused

Recipes for all occasions

And now more about the tool.

  1. To cleanse the skin, remove excess fat,antiseptic effect with irritations is perfectly suitable lotion of cucumber and vodka. Vegetables (100 g) finely ground or grate, pour the same amount of vodka or 40% alcohol, cover the pot and insist a week in a dark place. Then strain and use as directed. As an additional tonic component will be useful lemon (the fruit grate, wring out, juice add to the lotion).
    lotion preparation process
  2. If the skin is dry, it is useful to moisten it withunusual means: to cook 100 gr. cucumber juice, drive a yolk of chicken eggs into it, pour half a glass of cream of medium fat and a tablespoon of quality vodka. Blend thoroughly and then filter. This recipe for lotion from cucumbers is beneficial and useful in that it gives the skin a fresh, lively appearance, makes it visually younger, restores elasticity. The mixture can also be washed - instead of soap and other cleansers. The only disadvantage of lotion is that it is not stored for long, therefore it is better to do it in small amounts and use it faster.
  3. For bleaching and refreshing tired skina cucumber juice with boric acid is suitable. Grate the vegetables. In 2 tablespoons of puree pour a teaspoon of acid and heat a little. Warm lotion wipe your face and neck. Then lubricate them with a suitable cream.
    prescription lotion from cucumbers

Doing home cosmetology, add to the lotions broths of chamomile, psyllium, celandine, roses, parsley and aloe extracts - they all have the most beneficial effect on the condition of your skin!

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