Folk cosmetics for face and bodyhave always been relevant due to their accessibility and naturalness. Many women and girls choose them, as the procedures in the salons are quite expensive and not everyone can afford. One of the most common skin care products is cucumber lotion. At home, it's pretty simple.

Such cosmetics has many uses,suitable for different skin types and helps it to acquire a healthy glow. Applying cucumber lotion at home, you can gently and gently cleanse the skin. To do this, mix a teaspoon of milk and a half teaspoon of green vegetable juice and lemon. The mixture is applied to the face and after a quarter of an hour it is washed off with warm water.

Cucumber lotion at home
For those who want to avoid the appearance of wrinkles,the recipe of cucumber lotion is suitable: you need to peel one medium vegetable from the peel, get rid of the seeds and squeeze out the juice from its pulp. Then you need to add 50 grams of rose water, strain and wipe the face with the liquid. Pour into a glass bottle, store in a cool place, if not say that in the cold, but not more than a week. Excellent place - a refrigerator.

cucumber lotion recipe
For sure, few know that by makingCucumber lotion at home, they can replace the product for sunburn. This requires one medium vegetable, 50 grams of glycerin and the same amount of rose water. From the cucumber must squeeze the juice and mix with the rest of the ingredients, stored lotion about seven days in the refrigerator.

For lovers of aristocratic pallor there isalso suitable recipe. To make a special cucumber lotion at home, you need to make a cocktail from one tablespoon of milk, vegetable juice, adding a little lemon juice and rose water. This mixture should be applied to the décolleté area, the skin of the face and neck, wait a quarter of an hour, and then wipe the areas with warm water.

how to make a cucumber lotion
If you want, you can find many recipes, likemake a cucumber lotion, choose the most suitable option for you and use it at your discretion. This kind of cosmetics is very useful for the skin, besides it does not contain preservatives and is an absolutely natural product. Its plus is that you can not be afraid of unpredictable reactions, unless, of course, you are allergic to the components of the lotion. In addition, the expiry of the shelf life of cosmetics is excluded, since exactly one week later you can easily prepare a new portion.

An increasing number of women are becominglovers of home beauty recipes, they are conquered by the reliability and naturalness of products. You can safely take advantage of their example, having an accessible and effective remedy that will help you to keep youth, freshness and healthy skin radiance. By preparing the lotion with your own hands, you do not have to worry about harmful chemical additives. Modern cosmetologists in their practice, too, increasingly use natural components, as they are more reliable, and they are trusted by the majority of consumers.

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