In the Starbound game, improving the ship often takesmost of the time. Users spend hours on training, because they collect resources, perform quests only to then comfortably entertain. There is a way to get it all in a few minutes.

General description of the game

To understand why in Starbound the improvement of the ship is necessary for the user, it is worth studying the basics of the game.

starbound ship improvement
Genre developers have defined as an arcade withelements of the sandbox. They are manifested primarily in the construction of their own spacecraft. This technique is home to the main character. There is an opportunity to relax, fly to another galaxy, take new quests and explore the map. The faster Starbound improves the ship, the more resources the player will have, hence the adventure will be more interesting.

Quick upgrade method

At the initial stage, the character has only a small shuttle with three cabins. It needs repair, before you can improve the ship in Starbound 1 0, you need to fix the problem.

starbound 1 0 ship improvements
In the chat, the / admin command is first written. This is a connection to console commands, with which you will be upgrading. Then the user enters the command / spawnitem shiprepairkit 1 and / spawnitem shipT1. The last protocol should be repeated seven more times, only change the figures to eight. After that, after opening the inventory, you can see nine boxes of tools. Approach the panel of the conveyor and use on it in turn each item. The first four are responsible for repairing the shuttle, because without this further improvement in the game Starbound improves the ship. The remaining five boxes in turn will add to the ship huge blocks. The user does not have to participate in the modernization process and collect parts by parts. In order to complete the improvement process, you must re-enter the initial command, otherwise the resources will not end.

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