Choosing a profession is not an easy matter. Always want to find yourself a better place where you can work and develop simultaneously. Therefore, before each person, sooner or later the question arises about which is the best profession for him. Where does he want to get settled? Who to be?

It's difficult to answer. After all, it's not a secret for anyone that each person has his own views on life and work. So, one specialty is for someone better, but for others - the worst. To be surprised of this ambiguity is not worth it - everyone decides for himself. But what answers can be found most often? What do they say, for example, applicants? What specialties are given preference?

the best profession

By sex

To say definitely what optionsour current question is most often encountered, it is difficult. After all, you can divide all the professions into many categories, in each one, highlight your own characteristics and the criteria for selecting the best option. So you yourself must decide which direction to give preference.

It is important to remember that howthe best profession, however strange it may sound, directly depends on gender. That is, for men and women this question will often have different answers. This is normal. For example, a man can find the best direction, say, shipbuilding, and a woman will prefer to work as a store administrator or as a secretary. But still, what options are most often encountered in surveys?

For girls

The best professions for girls are likeit is not difficult to guess, directions that do not require special physical effort. We can say that the most beautiful floors are offered to intellectual and creative professions. Those that do not imply special physical exertion. This is normal.

And what is the best profession for girls andwomen? Many will answer - the administrator. And it does not matter which one and where. That is, in fact, a leading position, which does not imply heavy physical exertion.

Also among the most popular and best ideas for finding a perfect sex, you can offer a profession:

  • hairdresser;
  • master of manicure / pedicure;
  • fitness trainer;
  • waitresses;
  • the secretary;
  • operator;
  • the sales manager;
  • cosmetologist.

In general, purely feminine directions. Very good options. But it's up to you.

the best profession in the world


The best professions for men are not those,that they force you to work physically. Rather, it is decided to choose directions that bring moral and spiritual satisfaction, career prospects and, of course, high profits. Also often the best profession of the stronger sex is some narrow specialty.

There are a lot of differentoptions. Depending on what criteria to evaluate. In any case, men believe that they are better suited for leadership positions, as well as something like a chauffeur (driver), a fitter, a welder, an engineer, a businessman. As you can see, there are also quite different directions. It is generally accepted that there are purely masculine directions that are suitable only for the strong sex. And among them are such professions as engineer, builder, welder, installer, programmer - the best.


But this should not be stopped. Often you can hear that the best profession in the world is one that brings you pleasure and moral satisfaction. Often people work in this or that direction only for the sake of money, quietly hating their own duties.

All this leaves an imprint on the effectivenessfulfillment of labor obligations. And of course, even if the work brings a good profit, but it does not touch the spiritual and moral satisfaction at all, it will not be considered the best option.

the best profession 94

Let us repeat once again that the best profession -the one that brings moral satisfaction. That is, you are happy to go to work and with pleasure fulfill your duties. And among these, there are often creative professions:

  • photographer;
  • writer / poet;
  • designer;
  • programmer;
  • videographer;
  • designer;
  • cosmetologist;
  • the hairdresser.

Nevertheless, this list can be continued up toinfinity. After all, perhaps, any profession that you give your whole soul will be considered the best. So here you decide for yourself, which direction will be for you in the first place.


Often the imprint on both popularity andthe prestige of this or that direction imposes earnings. The most well-paid profession is considered to be the best. But in each country on this occasion there are their own views. What options are there in Russia?

what is the best profession

Businessman, engineer, programmer, systemadministrator, IT specialist, builder, designer, economist, lawyer, lawyer, private doctor, deputy, official - these are the professions that are most often called well-paid. So, they are the best for most citizens.

On this list does not end. Moreover, if you look at the statistics, then you can add more teachers, rescuers and doctors to popular specialties. Only in practice, their salary is not the greatest. And the named directions, if to estimate them by earnings, alas, never become leaders in our today's question.

For students

The best professions in Russia for students -it is generally almost any position. It is considered that the direction that allows you to combine study and work - that's what will suit the student. This is to some extent correct. After all, not always and not in all specialties can and work, and learn at the same time.

The best profession for a student, ifa good look at the places of employment of students - it's a job as a waiter or a cashier / cook in a fast food cafe. You can include a manager-consultant, a seller in a clothing / cosmetics store, as well as a nanny, a merchandiser or an operator on the phone. In fact, these directions can not be considered the best and profitable, but for students they are the most suitable.

On the professions can be judged by the game

What is the best profession? "94%" is a game that asks a similar question. And you need to answer it. How exactly? What, in the opinion of the creators of this product, is considered the best option for employment?

the best profession for girls

You can respond in different ways. The first option that is offered is a doctor. Without it, you can not do. Such a person saves the lives and health of patients day by day, so his activities fit the definition of "the best profession."

But here, too, there are other options. In second place is the teacher. Also extremely important, and therefore, the best specialty. Further - the president (also prestigious), the actors (they are all aware of), the cosmonauts (as previously all answered), the bankers (profitable direction), the director (the leading position, and hence the best) and the rescuers. All listed options, according to the game "94%" - the best profession. It is interesting that in practice, citizens often do not give preference to many of the above.


It is generally accepted that the best profession inthe world is a doctor. Moreover, if you ask citizens, this opinion will be expressed by many. Yes, working as a doctor is not so easy. This is a huge responsibility. Therefore, this direction is somehow elevated in comparison with the rest.

the best professions in Russia

But in practice there is a slightly differentpicture. It's no secret that the best professions in Russia for some reason do not include in their list of doctors. Except perhaps for some narrow specialists, and even with the prefix "private". In our country, doctors are state employees. And they receive a low salary for their daily work. And this is a direct indicator that doctors in Russia are not too much appreciated.

Therefore, speaking about medicine, you can safelyto say that the best profession is a private doctor. Any direction. This especially applies to dentists, dentists, cosmetologists and psychologists. A private doctor earns well, which attracts citizens' interest in this area.


Also worth paying attention to one morea rather important area of ​​a person's life is learning. Teachers, according to statistics, are highly valued in Russia. And their work (by analogy with doctors) can be considered the best. Only again, in practice everything turns out a little differently.

Teachers are also state employees. Their responsibility is high, and their salary is not very high. Therefore, such a profession does not use huge demand in Russia. More precisely, this type of cadres are needed for the country, but there are not enough candidates.

the most well-paid profession

The prestigious and best profession of a teacher is consideredthen, when it comes to tutoring, as well as private lessons. In general, the situation is comparable with doctors. Teachers, state employees - this is not what they want. But the "private sector" is already distinguished by many citizens.

Understand which profession is the best, almost impossible. How many people - so many opinions. Nevertheless, we named several rather popular and widespread variants.

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