Roman Parygin - frontman, trumpeter, composer and vocalist of the groups "Prestige" and Spitfire. Also our hero is a participant of the project "Leningrad". He was born in Leningrad, in 1979, on October 1.


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Roman Parygin already at an early age beganlearn to play the pipe. From the age of 12 he was in the school orchestra. In the early nineties he got acquainted with Sergey Shnurov and Igor Vdovin, musicians of the band called "Van Gogh's Ear". It was at that time that our hero was carried away by the creativity of Nirvana. Soon, other punk, metal and grunge bands came on the list of his interests. Thus, our hero gradually became part of the St. Petersburg club community of the mid-nineties. The stage debut of the musician took place in 1995 at the performance of the group Tequilajazzz, which took place in the rock club at the Technological Institute. In 1994-1999, he was a student at the School of. Mussorgsky.


Roman Parygin in 1997 visited the concert of the group "Leningrad". The performance was one of the first in the history of the collective. He recalled that he had not made a strong impression on him, but Igor Vdovin's vocals shocked him.

In the mid-nineties he appeared as a trumpeter inthe composition of the musical collective from St. Petersburg under the name "Airplane". In 1997 he joined the Spitfire group. In this team also took the place of a trumpeter, replacing Alexei Pushkarev. Our hero pretty soon joined the group, performing keyboard parts, and also playing on the trumpet. In 1999, the composition "Antagonism" appeared. Our hero for her performed the vocal part. By 2004, he became one of the leaders of the collective. This place he shared with Konstantin Limonov - guitarist and creator of Spitfire.

In 2006, the latter left the group. As a result, our hero became the leader of the ska-team. He appeared as the author of the majority of compositions from the fourth album of the group, which is called Lifetime Visa. Since 2002 he became a member of the "Leningrad" group. Since 2008, he is the leader and frontman of the Prestige project. In 2009, he worked on the song "Waltz" in conjunction with "Split", the composition was included in the album "Signal from Space".


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Roman Parygin showed himself as a participant of threecollectives, let's say a little more about them. "Leningrad" is a Russian group from St. Petersburg. She is known for eccentric songs, in which everyday themes predominate. Spitfire is a Russian punk band from Russia. It was founded in 1993. "Prestige" is a punk, metal band from Russia, which was founded in 2008. Her homeland is the city of St. Petersburg. The reason for the creation of the team was the desire of the founders to perform heavy music. Now you know who Roman Parygin is. Photos of the musician are attached to this material.

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