Domestic melodramatic series underthe name "Color of the cherry tree" is very dramatic. He talks about the lives of ordinary people who have to endure many tests. But after going through all the turns of a difficult fate, everyone will learn his lesson. The spectators who watched the drama series titled "The Color of the Bullfinch" remained undoubtedly under the impression. Directors Nona Agadzhanova and Anna Lobanova perfectly experienced the material of that era and managed to produce an excellent film.

Brief description of the plot

In this series there will be love, and tenderness, andfaith, and compassion. The action of the painting begins in the 60s of the last century in a small village of Zaryanov, where the main characters of the series "The Color of Cherry" live. Actors, who shot here, managed to completely reincarnate in their characters.

Nina and Alexandra are young cheerful girls,childhood friends. They finish school and dream of moving to Moscow, enrolling in a medical institute and healing a new life. Despite the fact that the nature of the heroine does not resemble each other, they are inseparable.

And now their dream has come true - they are students. Clever and responsible Nina heads off to study, relying only on herself. Shustra Sasha quickly found a common language with the professor, but she was more interested in his son Anton. Young people fell in love with each other, but on the way to their happiness became Anton's mother. As a result, they will have to part, and only after years to meet again and understand that love lives in the heart so far. Nina was also in love with Anton, but secretly. And marrying him will not succeed Shura, but her.

"Color of cherry". Actors and roles

The series "The color of the cherry". Actors and the roles they played

The cast of this film is very bright,talented and well-chosen. Mostly in the series are little-known young actors. But this movie does not get any worse. Especially, young people professionally performed their work and created an excellent tandem with famous filmmakers. The role of the mother of one of the main heroines, the girl of Shura, was played by Yanina Sokolovskaya. This young gentle actress managed to play a wonderful woman, for which men are ready for anything. People's Artist of Russia Dmitri Nazarov lost the role of Chairman Saveliy Kuzmich, wise man's life.

series of color bird-cherry actors

Actress Tatiana Andreeva viewers will see in the rolemother of Anton, Lydia Vasilyevna, a woman who does not understand that because of her blind maternal love destroys the happiness of her son. Professor's son Anton plays in the series Igor Stam. And this is not all the important characters of the movie "The color of the cherry". The actors are wonderful, everyone in their role: Polina Nechitailo as Zoya Mikhailova, Vladislav Pogiba, who played Stepan Rusakova, Alexander Pashkov as Trofim and many others.

About actress Alexandra Platonova

Nina Tikhomirov, the main character of the series,trusted to play a young talented actress Alexandra Platonova. What shows this girl the series "The color of the cherry"? Actors melodrama, and Platonov in particular, managed to make their character truthful, such as it was conceived by the directors. Responsive, modest and selfless Nina, such a young actress introduced her to us. Believe every word, sympathize and empathize with the heroine. A. Platonova - actress theater. E.B. Vakhtangova, played in the films "In Paris! In Paris!", "Martian" and the series "Bird in a cage."

"Color of cherry". Actors

Anastasia Marinina as Shura

Shura Dobrynina - one of the main characters of the series"Color of cherry". Actors were chosen by the directors for each role thoroughly. This is seen for each character. No exception, and the actress Anastasia Marinina, who played the role of Alexandra, Nina's girlfriend. She managed to reincarnate in a frivolous, but confident and strong beauty, dreaming of a beautiful life and great prospects. A. Marinina is a graduate of VGIK, worked in different theaters, starred in such films as "Save the Boss" and "Picturesque adventure."

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