Dmitry Yurtaev was born on September 4, 1989 in theOrenburg. From his earliest childhood, he had a great desire for creativity. However, after a successful graduation from the school, Dmitry entered the Orenburg State University as a mining engineer. He got a job at Gazprom, where he worked for one year. Over time Yurtaev was bored with his specialty as an engineer, and he entered the same university, only at the faculty of public professions.

After graduating from the university receives a diploma of the headensemble. At the faculty, Dmitry Yurtaev studied two directions at once: vocals and acting. Along with studying at the university, he took part in many master classes. They concerned the vocal and directorial mastery. I met with such celebrities as Alexandra Permyakova, Marina Polteva, Semyon Milstein. But in his homeland Yurtaev did not begin to pursue a career. Soon he decides to go to Moscow to enter the Moscow State Institute of International Relations named after Schnittke for academic vocal. This high school our hero also graduated with great success.


Dmitriy yurtaev
By nature Dmitry Yurtaev is a joyful person, notused to be bored, in serious matters, always thinks everything over well, before he does something, he never sits on the spot, prefers to do whatever his heart desires. She likes to have fun in big companies of friends. She feels herself at home. Easily makes new friends. If Dmitry makes any bewitching offer, then before agreeing, he will think well, given that it will all be worth it. In a word, our hero does not allow himself any big risks. He likes to communicate only with interesting and funny people. The main hobbies of Dmitry Yurtaev: esotericism, Buddhism, photography and writing mini-stories in prose.

Start of activity

dmitri yurtaev singer
Dmitry Yurtaev began his singer career withPalace of Culture and Sports "Gazovik" in his native city of Orenburg. He was there leading at many concerts, performed songs in several musical groups, taught young, novice singers. He was the head of the singing group, organized various events and holidays around the city and even the regions.


True fame for Yurtaev came after winning theproject called "Big Change" on the NTV channel. It was after him that Dmitri's songs began to interest the public more and more. He is the holder of many certificates of the All-Russian student's spring. I received the prize of the festival "Torch" and the Grand Prix of many events in Siberia, which were held by Gazprom. Still in combination with his career, singer Yurtaev likes to write poetry and music in his spare time. In the evenings he prefers to meditate or just sit and listen to beautiful compositions.


dmitry yurtaev biography
Our hero today is Dmitry Yurtaev. His biography was briefly described above. He is a young singer and every day he wants to compose as many new songs as possible in order to further delight all fans with his unusual, soothing musical compositions.

At the present time Dmitry Yurtaev is a singer whoperforms songs in completely different genres, for example Russian folk songs, romances, as well as from the repertoire of the famous artist of the Soviet Union Eduard Gil. Our hero lives in Moscow and works at different events. So, if you are a fan of just such music, then you can easily order yourself for a banquet, a birthday or some other holiday of this talented performer. And he will gladly sing for you alive, making your celebration fun, interesting, and will remain in your memory for the rest of your life.

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