With the help of the movie "The Incredible AdventuresItalians in Russia "actors of Italian and Russian origin give the audience a small holiday for already forty years! But can it be otherwise, if the master of his work Eldar Ryazanov worked on the ribbon, as well as his Italian colleague Franco Prosperi?

The creators of the painting

In the film "The incredible adventures of Italians inRussia "actors, to be precise, are their heroes, rushing through the largest cities of the country in search of mythical treasures, buried by a Russian emigrant. The plot of the comedy is famously twisted, and this is not surprising, as four people worked on the script at once: Emil Braginsky (Ryazanov's constant partner), Eldar Ryazanov himself and his colleague Prosperi, as well as a certain Giuseppe Mocchia.

incredible adventures of Italians in Russia actors

The process of creating a screensaver was not simple: Ryazanov and Braginsky had to rewrite the script more than once. And for the first time it had to be done in Rome, when the director came to agree on filming with the famous Italian producer named D. de Laurentiis (he and his company were supposed to supervise this project).

Filming took place both in Italy and in the USSR. Complex car stunts were performed by Italian racers. However, it is impossible to write off the actors' accounts: there are moments in the picture when Andrey Mironov's jumps (jump from the second floor to the runway), Ninetto Davoli, and Alighiero Noskeze (riding in an inverted car) are shot in close-up.

Actors and roles "The Incredible Adventures of Italians in Russia", a short story of a comedy

Every moment of Ryazanov's comedy is filled with activeaction and all new developments. In the film "The Incredible Adventures of Italians in Russia" the actors and the film crew did their best to keep the screen from looking away.

the actors of the film are the incredible adventures of Italians in Russia

This story begins with the fact that Rome diesan elderly emigrant from Russia. On her deathbed in the hospital she opens Olga (to her granddaughter in the performance of A. Santilli) the truth about the buried treasure once in St. Petersburg. This expensive secret, in addition to Olga, was heard by everyone who was present in the ward of the dying.

What was Olga's surprise when, duringflight to Russia on an airplane, she meets all the witnesses of her grandmother's death: starting with the mafia (T. Cimarosa), who had a pregnant wife on the next couch, and ending with the old lady's doctor (L. Ballista). Already in the cabin of the aircraft, the treasure hunters begin to discuss animatedly how they will share other people's money. Soon, from words, they move on to action: competitors begin to maim and quietly eliminate each other. And in Russia they are waited by one more participant of this crazy pursuit of the treasure - St. Petersburg policeman Vasilyev (A. Mironov) disguised as a guide.

The film "The Incredible Adventures of Italians in Russia": actors, photo. The main actors

If the first feature of Ryazanov's comedy istwisted plot, the second - the international cast. In the movie "The Incredible Adventures of Italians in Russia" the actors of the USSR play Russian characters, and Italians - Italian. The exception is only Evgeni Evstigneev, who happened to play the Italian lame.

actors and roles of the incredible adventures of Italians in Russia

The first colorful comedy pair made upItalian artists A. Noskez and N. Davoli. Giuseppe and Antonio play in the film ambulance workers, who brought the dying Russian to the hospital. Antonio behaves pompously and self-confidently, Giuseppe, on the contrary, is a bit stupid and used to telling the truth, as his mother taught him.

At the airport, this couple meets the hero Andrei Mironov, designed to expose treasure hunters. Another heroine is Olga, whose role was played by Italian Antonia Santilli.

Performers of secondary roles

film incredible adventures of Italians in russia actors photo

The actors of the movie "The Incredible Adventures of Italians in Russia" are Olga Aroseva with Evgeni Evstigneev, Tano Cimarosa.

Evstigneev ("Beware of the car") appeared inframe in the image of a lame Italian who, despite his injury, is also trying to fight for treasure. Olga Aroseva ("The Adventures of the Magician") played the hospitable mother of the operative Vasiliev. And the Italian Cimarosa embodied on the screen the image of the formidable Rosario Agro - an experienced and cruel mafia.

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