In 2013 on TV channel TVC hosted the premiere of the comedy series "Kill Thrush." Actors Daniil Spivakovsky and Anna Snatkina played heroes who made a leap in time and found themselves in the situation of the Civil War of 1917. Will the screen pair from the time loop manage to get out? And how will the heroes return unscathed back to the 21st century?

Creators and a short plot of the picture

Director Dmitry Gerasimov for his career has shot only 4 films: "If the sky is silent", "Back - Fortunately", "The Effect to the Bogarne" and "Kill Thrush".

kill thrush actors

Actors Daniil Spivakovsky and Anna Snatkina were invited to the main roles not by chance - Gerasimov already collaborated with performers in the framework of other projects.

The fantastic comedy "Kill Thrush" beginswith the fact that the unfortunate boring realtor Yarik is sent to the provincial city to redeem the building of the ancient planetarium. In the compartment he meets fellow traveler Jeanne, who turns out to be his first-name.

Yaroslav does not even suspect that in front of himsits a discreet agent of special services with a firm hand and a cold mind. By an absurd accident at the station in the final destination namesake people confused: so eccentric Yarik gets into the company of siloviki, and Jeanne is mistaken for the capital's realtor. But this is only the beginning of their joint adventures. Next, the couple will travel through time and will be in the early XX century, at the epicenter of the Civil War.

"Kill Thrush": Daniil Spivakovsky and his character Yarik

Daniil Spivakovsky is a graduate of GITIS and an actorTheater them. Vladimir Mayakovsky. In the movie, Spivakovsky began acting in 2002. His first role immediately turned out to be the main one: in the melodramatic series "Two Fates" Daniil played Marik - a musician, producer and first husband of Svetlana Grigorieva.

kill thrush Daniil Spivakovsky

Spivakovsky often appears on the screens in comic images. His characters are distinguished by some absurdity and awkwardness. This is the character of Daniel and in the comedy "Kill Thrush."

Actors-performers of the main roles played onscreens full opposites: Yarik Drozd (D. Spivakovsky) is not completely developed physically, is not adapted to life, can not stand up for himself and constantly tires; Jeanne Drozd (A. Snatkina) is able to lay the enemy on one left, knows how to calculate all the moves ahead and stubbornly moves to his goal. Together, namesakes fall into the past, in 1917 - a time when gangs raged on the territory of Russia and full anarchy reigned. And to survive in such a difficult situation, Yarik and Jeanne will have to try very hard.

"Kill Thrush": actors. Anna Snatkina as Jeanne Drozd

Anna Snatkina is a graduate of VGIK. In her youth, the actress practiced gymnastics, but then she opted for acting, not for sports. In this regard, the artist in the 2000's. there were serious health problems - Anna was paralyzed by her lower limbs.

anna snatkin kill thrush

Anna Snatkina underwent a course of rehabilitation andthe time of completion of studies in VGIK again rose to her feet. Since then, the actress is actively moving to the cinema. It all began with an episodic role in the series "Plot", then was "Yesenin." The real glory came to the girl after the project "Doomed to become a star". Then the whole country learned who Anna Slatkina was.

"Kill Thrush" is a successful experiment incareer actress. Usually she plays in melodramas, but here she managed to fit into the comedy genre. Her heroine, however, throughout the whole film goes with an extremely serious face. However, the image of the assembled special agent Jeanne Drozd favorably shaded the image of the clumsy and ridiculous realtor Yarik.

Other performers of roles

In the film "Kill Thrush" you can also see Vadim Kolganov ("Chelnochnitsy"), Alexander Rapoport ("Citizen Nobody") and Marina Kudelinskaya (Murka).

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