Today we will talk about the movie "The type of cool Spartans". Actors and roles will be presented further. It's about the comedy of 2011. The director was Jeff Canu. Operator's work is John Darbonne.


First, we discuss the plot of the film "the Spartans. " Actors will be presented further. The picture tells about Ophigenus Maximus - the brave general. The King of Troy orders him to accompany Prince Orlando to Greece to settle the conflict with the local ruler.

type of cool Spartans actors

The enemy meets the hero Princess Ellen. Orlando takes it with him and takes him back to Troy. An angry Greek king equips a million-strong army. He declares war against Troy. In response, Ophigenus Maximus encourages 300 Spartans. He asks them for help.

Key players

Ophigenus Maximus and Princess Ellen are the main characters in the movie "The Type of Cool Spartans". Actors Will Sasso and Sophie Monk performed these roles. The latter is also known from the film "Spring Break".

Other heroes

Orlando and Bill also appear in the plot of the film"The type of cool Spartans." Actors Gary Landy and Jason Sklar performed these roles. Also in the story there is a character named Jeff. Randy Sklar embodied this image. We continue the conversation about the movie "The type of cool Spartans." Actors K. Lokan and Rip Torn also took part in the project. They should be discussed in more detail.

such as cool Spartans actors and roles
Kristanna Loken was born on October 8, 1979 inNew York. Her father owns an apple farm. He also writes scripts and novels. Christianna Loken at the age of 15 began the career of a photomodel. She was inspired by the success of her mother, who is called Randy. The latter was engaged in modeling business. Also, Christianna tried to prove herself as an actress. Elite was signed with her. She played a small role in the series "While the Earth is spinning." Played in the films "The Mortal Battle" and "Pensacola: Wings of Gold". She starred in the movie "Mafiosi". Then there was the role in "The Guys from the Academy." Took part in episodes of the series called "Filli". Turning point in the work can be considered the main role in the movie "Terminator 3".

Rip Thorn was born February 6, 1931 in Texas. For some time the future actor studied cattle breeding. Then he began to study architecture in the walls of the University of Texas. At the age of 24 he went to New York. There, his talent drew attention to the director Elia Kazan. It was he who led the young man into the acting studio, after which he gave the work of the backup of Ben Gazzar in the Broadway production. By the end of the show, the actor has already played one of the main roles.

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