The historical film "300 Spartans", actors andwhose roles are presented in this article, was released in 2007. The film's director is Zack Snyder. This painting was awarded several prestigious awards. A year later, it became known about the beginning of work on the continuation of the film - "300 Spartans: The Rise of the Empire". Actors in the role of soldiers from the detachment of King Leonid were already different.

300 Spartans actors and roles

History of the film

In the "300 Spartans" actors on the role were selectedvery carefully. But even more effort members of the film crew attached to the creation of costumes and a variety of attributes that reflect the ancient times. They were created, of course, not in real life, but through computer graphics.

How was the movie "300 Spartans" created? Actors played their roles on the background of a blue screen, which seemed to many of them quite strange and unusual. There was no connection with the outside world, just a partner on the set. However, all the same scene was shot not in the pavilion, but in the open air. But here too many elements have been changed.

"300 Spartans" - actors and roles

  • Gerard Butler (Tsar Leonid).
  • David Wenham (Dilius).
  • Lina Hidi (Leonid's wife).
  • Vincent Regan (Artemy).
  • Rodrigo Santoro (Xerxes).

The film also featured Dominic West, Michael Fassbender, Tom Wisdom, Andrew Tiernan, Patrick Sabonguy.

This film belongs to the historical genre, it is based, first of all, on the comic book of F. Miller. The musical accompaniment consists of songs performed by Azam Ali.

300 Spartans flourishing empire actors and roles


The events of the painting take place in 480 BC before ourera. The huge army of King Xerxes (Rodrigo Santoro) made an attack on Greece. The tsar from Sparta Leonid (Gerard Butler) with his retinue meets Persian politicians who immediately demand to swear allegiance to Tsar Xerxes of Persia. Otherwise, they all are in for a terrible death. Without succumbing to intimidation of distant guests, brave Spartans deal with them, throwing them into a deep well.

Oracles predict the brave Leonid defeat infierce battle, but the king does not intend to listen to anyone and acts to the gorge to intercept a huge army of Persians. A squad of Spartans blocks the way for enemy soldiers in a strategically important place that can not be avoided. It is called the Fiery Gates or the Farmapil Gorge.

Proud Leonid does not accept the help of a local residentnamed Ephialta. The hunchback wanted to fight side by side with the soldiers in the front line, but instead received permission only to take care of the wounded soldiers from the battlefield. In desperation, who is left out of work, he throws away his weapons, which he kept for many years. The Persians approach the strategically important gates and offer the last time to fold the enemy swords and spears. On which they receive a categorical refusal.

a film of 300 Spartans actors and roles

Brave warriors Sparta beat one after anotherwaves of attacks, superior to their number of Persian soldiers. Xerxes, struck by the courage of Leonid and his men, offers him a high rank and authority for a peace agreement, but again receives a categorical refusal. None of the brave warriors of Sparta is going to surrender and intends to fight to the last drop of blood. They with mother's milk in their incredible country have absorbed a sense of courage and dignity and bow their head not to any, even the most powerful, enemy. Better a proud death than a humiliating defeat.

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