Today we will discuss the film "Forward to success". Actors and roles will be presented further. It's about the comedy series. The plot tells of four friends from Minnesota who are invited to Los Angeles.


forward to success
First let's talk about the plot of the film "Forward tosuccess ". The actors will be listed below. The main characters are friends - four of 16-year-old teenagers from Minnesota: Carlos, Logan, James and Kendall. Suddenly they had a chance to become musicians. They were invited to Los Angeles, the city of young talents. There the recording studios plant future "kings of fate".

Interesting Facts

forward to the success of actors and roles
Further we will result some interesting information aboutthe film "Forward to success." Actors were named above. The creator of the series was Scott Fallows. Although the idea of ​​the project arose in 2007, the series until 2009 had no name. Nationwide casting started in 2007. More than 1,500 young people and teenagers have tried 4 main roles. The actors were first joined by Logan Henderson and James Maslow. Kendall Schmidt was confirmed as the last. Kurt Hansen was originally supposed to be Kendall. However, he was older than the other members, so the producers offered this actor the role of Duck Zevon.

Key players

Kendall Knight and Carlos Garcia - the main characters in the movie "Forward to success." Actors Kendall Schmidt and Carlos Pena performed these roles. Let's talk about them in more detail.

Kendall Francis Schmidt is an American actor, andalso a singer. He is best known for his role in the project "Forward - to success". Born in 1990, on November 2, in the city of Wichita. Comes from the family of Cathy and Kent Schmidt. Grew up near Andover. His second name is named after his grandmother. He has two older brothers - Kevin and Kenneth. When the future actor was small, he spent about 6 months every year in California with his mother. The younger Schmidt was carried away by the entertainment industry. When he was ten years old, his family went to California.

Carlos Roberto Pena is an American actor, and alsosinger and dancer. He is best known for his role in the film "Forward to Success". He was born in Colombia. He was brought up in Weston. His father has Venezuelan and Spanish roots. The mother is of Dominican origin. Participated in performances. Studying at school, took part in advertising. His photo was depicted on the packaging of water pistols. He studied at the Boston Conservatory. The manager recorded it for audition to participate in Big Time Rush. The actor got a role and moved to Hollywood.

D. Maslow played James Diamond. It's about the actor and the singer. I released two singles. Also his album was released. He was born in the city of San Diego. It comes from the family of Mike Maslow and Cathy Burge. He studied and grew up in the state of California. He has a sister, Alison and brother Philip. He started singing at age 6, then his parents sent him to San Diego Choir. Got a role in the production at the age of 10 years. At fourteen I got my own agent. In high school in the production of "Grace" became the performer of the main role of Danny Zuko.

Other heroes

actors of the series forward to success
Logan "Hortensius" Mitchell and Gustavo Rock also appear in the plot of the film "Forward to success." Actors Logan Henderson and Stephen Kramer Glickman performed these roles. Let's talk more about the first one.

Logan Phillip Henderson is an actor, composer,producer and singer. He was born and raised in Texas. Has a younger sister of Presley, as well as a brother. At the age of 18, before moving to California, he played a small role in the series "Fires of the Night Friday". This work has become an incentive for the beginning of an acting career. The breakthrough on television was the role in the film "Forward - to success." After the release of four promotional singles, his team released their debut album.

Siera Bravo embodied the image of Cathy Knight. It's about the actress and model.

Actors of the series "Forward to success" Tanya Chisholm and Challain Cates appeared in the film as Kelly Wainwright and Jennifer Knight. M. Reidy played the role of Arthur Griffin.

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