The biography of Mikhail Meskhi began in 1982 inGeorgia. Birthday actor - May 11. On the screen Michael first appeared in 2005, starring in Levan Tutberidze's film "A Walk to Karabakh". The filmmakers return the audience in 1990 - the period of the civil war in Georgia and the disagreement between Armenia and Azerbaijan. The main characters of the picture are two friends (Mikhail Meskhi played one of them), lost on the way to Azerbaijan, where they were going to get drugs. Falling out of the way, the two men were captured - both Armenians and Azerbaijanis.

Actor in the film "Mandarins"

The military melodrama "Mandarins" was released infilm distribution in 2013. In this film, director Zaza Urushadze tells of Estonian settlers who moved to the Caucasus at the height of the holiday season and became involuntary witnesses of the war between Georgians and Abkhazians that occurred in 1992 (Georgian National Guard soldiers entered the territory of Abkhazia on August 14) and lasted 413 days. One of the heroes of the picture is an Estonian trying to solve an unsolvable task: on whose side is the truth? Who fought, clearly realizing for what purpose blood is shed?

Michael Meskhi

The filmography of Mikhail Meskhi is not impressivethe number of pictures taken, but each of them is a small life. Some visitors to the virtual cinema described the film "Mandarins" (one of the last films in which the actor was involved) as a strong movie that only the older generation of cinephiles can appreciate. Cinema, which gives much more food for thought than movies released in the film distribution over the past few years.

The creators of the Mandarins, according to the userThe World Network, pulled out, and then exposed the overtones of all wars, quarrels, religions and human nature. "Mandarins" is the last film project to date, in which Mikhail Meskhi was involved.

"Zone of conflict"

The basis for the film was events,occurred in real life. The action of the film, directed by Vano Burduli, unfolds in Georgia in the 90s of the last century. When the Soviet Union disappeared from the map of the world, the Caucasians were dragged into the interethnic war. Once the flourishing land blazed, prosperity turned into poverty, and friends became enemies.

The main characters of the film are a native of Tbilisinamed Gogliko (played by Mikhail Meskhi) and Spartak, a sniper from Sukhumi. Fate brought these guys on their way to Nagorno-Karabakh. Despite the fact that the goals of these two are completely different (one has left his home to return a card debt, and the other is eager to fulfill an order), new friends understand that together they will be easier to achieve the goal. Garabagh is this Zone of contradictions, which changed the fate of both parties beyond recognition. The premiere of the painting "Zone of Conflict" was held in 2009.

Mishael Meskhi actor

Actor Mikhail Meskhi in the film "Bablo"

The film of Konstantin Buslov was released in 2011year. The story told by its creators began in Russia in 1991, when the majority of citizens only began to understand that they had previously lived without money and almost without thinking about them. And after some twenty years the life of Soviet people has changed beyond recognition.

The hero of the film is a very wealthy man,Russian millionaire Grigory, who does not want to pay taxes. Once, right out of his car, a bag with a million euros disappeared, and from this moment a swift "bubble cycle" began, falling into the hands of one "lucky", then another.

Another actor's work

Mishael Meskhi Filmography

In the film "Love with an Accent" Mikhail Meskhiplays one of the heroes - Michael. The film by the director Rezo Gigineishvili consists of several novellas about true love, which makes the monotony of gray everyday life shine with bright colors, and mature people perform romantic acts that only carefree youth can decide.

The situations in which the heroes of the painting fall,intertwined in an amazing humorous chronicle of an unbounded feeling that recognizes neither laws nor barriers. The premiere show of the film project "Love with an accent" was held in 2012.

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