"I-butler: a fraud or a new chance to get rich?"It's a question that many Internet users are asking, of course, everyone wants to get as much as possible, while still not investing or working hard. Today we will study this project and see if it's true whether it promises or brazenly lies.

i butler divorce

I-butler: what is it?

But before thinking about what an I-butler is: divorce or reality, let's see what the given "company" is. Probably everyone has heard that different programmers are trying to make it easier to work on the Internet in all available ways. That's our today's object - this is just one of the ways to make life easier for users of the World Wide Web.

Project "Ai-Butler" (I-butler) in translation fromEnglish means "internet butler". Of course, the name is rather pathetic. According to the developers, their "servant" helps people to generate new complex passwords, save them and even display them on the right pages. Frankly, a completely logical question arises: "i-butler.com - what is this?" This is the site on which you offer an online assistant. They say that it is absolutely free.

What can the application do?

Now let's see what else can donew project. As already mentioned, it was invented to make life easier for users of the World Wide Web. So what is I-butler - divorce or real help? Let's try to understand.

First of all, it should be noted that thisthe development really copes with its tasks. But with what? First, as already mentioned, the application allows you to store passwords and logins on sites, generates complex passwords and allows you to log in without having to worry about the page where you already were. Convenient if you just sat down to study the Internet, and yet do not know what an Internet browser is. These functions are also in his possession.

i butler a deceit or a new chance to get rich

In addition, the "butler" is able to protect yourdata, in addition to provide autocomplete forms, for example for registration on a new site. Yes, it makes life much easier, but nevertheless, if you are familiar with the most common browser, then this program does not help you.

Are there any advantages with I-butler?

After all of the above, the question arises: Is there anything useful and new in this program at all? Actually there is. There are two innovations.

The first is a comparison of prices in online stores. Yes, for those who prefer to make purchases via the Internet, this can be a rather tempting offer. The question is: in which countries and on what resources does this comparison take place? Is it possible to directly compare all-all-all this program? Of course not. Usually only large popular stores are used.

Frankly, this function is quiteis doubtful. No program yet is able to compare prices in all countries and stores. So it's better to use real feedback, and not this "butler."

 i butler com what is it

Another useful feature is earnings. But is it possible to earn a free program that you downloaded and installed? They say that you can. Now let's understand what is actually an I-butler - a divorce or a way to earn.

Golden Mountains

But how can you make moneya project that you have downloaded for free? You, of course, are promised golden mountains and good profits without any hassle and investment. A tempting offer. But not everything is so simple. Free cheese is only in mousetraps. Let's see what the dirty trick is. And is there anyway?

The developer invites you to become his partner. With all this, through simple manipulation, you will earn large amounts of money. Nobody wants to miss this chance - most users immediately agree. And here the most interesting begins, namely the essence of working with the system.

The thing is that in fact I-butler -divorce, which has existed for a long time. It is called network marketing, or a financial pyramid. Those who agreed to make mountains of money, now have to look for customers who want to use the program "butler" and also earn.

Your task here is to connect as much as possiblepeople. Anyone wishing to work together with you should buy a developer package that costs from 100 to 750 euros. It all depends on which tariff plan is selected. After that, your subordinates should invite people and get income from them. Of course, you, too, will not remain without reward. Doubtful earnings, especially in the current market. The application has nothing special that could really attract potential buyers and even more so keep them.

project i butler i butler

Comments on the Web

If you start looking for sites reviews aboutI-butler, then negative you will find a small amount. The fact is that people are paid for positive comments. This is a kind of divorce for the sake of attracting the audience.

Some people get by using a standard recording, and somebodylays out entire video reviews, where he says how he helps to earn I-butler. Do not trust them. For money, people are ready to say anything. But if you look at the real reviews, you can see that people have not been able to earn anything. At best, $ 100 for a few months.

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