Cosmetics Desheli quickly won the Russian market of the beauty industry. This brand was imported from Israel about four years ago.

This is professional cosmetics designedfor the care of the skin of the face and body, as well as the hair of the house. They say that it has implemented all the innovative developments of recent years and does not contain chemically dangerous components. But in the abundance of conflicting reviews and loud promises of the best results from the company, the question arises: "Desheli divorce or not? »Is it safe to cooperate with its representative offices and even work for them?

The popularity of the company is growing every day. We can say with certainty that its products are licensed and there are patents for all technologies. All certificates are freely provided at any Desheli office, if you ask, which, by the way, will help to distinguish official representatives from scammers.

You can come and order cosmetics forcomplex self-care, and you can implement it yourself by signing a contract. This is another reason for the rapidly growing popularity of Desheli - the so-called franchise. You must be familiar with this model of building a business. You pay - realize - pay you with interest. Is this divorce? Judge by all the famous Avon and Oriflame, working on the same strategy. Millions you will not earn unequivocally, but if you find your client, this kind of earnings may well become the main one. What about the terms of work provided? In many offices there is a system of benefits for travel, if during work you have to travel a lot. It is also known that wages are accrued on time and there are small incentive bonuses in the form of some means of care or even bonuses.

What about the composition? Here lies what made the company unique. "Clever" crystals, patented by Desheli in 2008, contribute to the regeneration of the skin, maintaining its elasticity and natural shine. The presence of crystals in the company's products gives a faster and more effective result. It is believed that these "intelligent crystals" are some kind of graft from old age. They inform the body of information to remove flaws, namely: smooth wrinkles, remove rashes and circles under the eyes, as well as cellulite. Sounds impossible? But this is confirmed by many and many cosmetologists, biologists and physiologists and is recognized as a revolution in bioengineering.

The only thing that may be a drawback,and significant, Desheli's products - the price segment. This is a relatively expensive brand, but, think for yourself, is not it more expensive to find a more or less suitable cheap cosmetics for you? Afraid that this company cosmetics you might not be suitable? The first procedure is free! You can safely demand it in any official representation.

Thus, "bred" you or not - decide for yourself, weighing all the pros and cons you can come to the truth.