If you hear the phrase "Muesli Lavrov" anddo not know what it is, then it is likely that you do not use Twitter. A lot of citizens of our country try to watch news every night on TV. It is television that allows many viewers to receive information about the country's foreign and domestic policies. It's no secret that all reports are strictly informative in nature and statistical data. Blogs also allow us to discuss this in simple and satirical language.

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What is "Twitter"?

"Twitter" is a social network created in 2014. Jack Dorsey. Tweet from the English language is translated as "tweet", "Twitter", so the company's logo is just a blue bird. Short statements are the main feature of this social network, because shortness is the sister of talent!

It is worth noting that at the very beginning of the servicewas intended as a means for informing other users about their actions. On the main page was a field where the only question was asked: "What are you doing now?". Now this issue has become the main key of Instagram photohosting. After some modifications of the site, "Twitter" completely changed and acquired a modern design and its unique concept - the exchange of thoughts.

who is it?

"Mysli Lavrova": the history of creation

There was a microblogging relatively recently - in the summer2014. Therefore, you can call the account young. In a short period of existence, "Mysli Lavrov" managed to collect 55 thousand participants. Great audience coverage, is not it?

Noteworthy is the very name of the microblogging. "Mysli Lavrova" is a converted phrase "Thoughts of Lavrov". Agree, quite an original name! Identical way of the name use such publics as "Leonardo Dai Vincik", "Franz Kashka" and "Easel Einstein".

In the description of the page it is indicated that Lavrov heads the Foreign Ministry and argues with stupid personalities. There is also a warning that the public is strictly parodic and does not want to offend anyone.

Soon there was a public, having the same name. It turns out that this public is official and is a completely copied content from the original source - "Twitter."

Soon there was an account in the "Telegram". As the unknown blogger himself says, 140 characters are not enough for him, so he wants to expand his capabilities and review the reality in more detail.

Who leads the microblogging?

Most fans of the resource are often askedquestion: "Mysli Lavrova - who is this?" Unfortunately, the account administrator carefully conceals this. It is likely that the account is not one person, but a whole team of bloggers. Popular photos of "Mysli Lavrova" fly around the Internet, delighting readers of social networks and other blogs.

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There are also similar blogs with the sametheme. "Stalingulag" is a page in "Twitter", on which the news of our country is discussed in a jocular manner. In addition to the account in "Shchebestan", "Stalingulag" has a page "VKontakte" and a channel in the "Telegram". There is also "Barack Obama" - a public in the VC, in which it is written about the actual news of the day.

Perhaps, to some serious things it is betterTo treat with humor, therefore "Mysli Lavrova" use such delivery of a material. This makes the political situation more understandable and at the same time more accessible to the understanding of many people, especially young people!

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