On the Internet you can easily find beautifulknitted cardigans with a description, but what if the model you like exists only in the photo? Of course, it's worth to try your hand! Let's make our description of an elegant sand cardigan and tie it together. First of all, note that the edge and edge of the sleeve of the product are decorated with a bunched yarn imitating fur. Such a thread is produced by the Turkish producer "Yarn Art" in the Davos series. To achieve the maximum color match, we will also knit the model from the yarn of this factory, the half-woolen thread of "Charisma".

From successful combinations it is possible to stop the choice on shades caramel and fuchsia, or to give preference to more light tones.

Knitted Cardigans

For work we will need:

- Circular knitting needles No. 4 and No. 8;

- the yarn of "Charisma" - not less than 7 coils;

- Davos yarn - 5 skeins.

Knitted cardigans - the beginning of work

As in any other case, first we knita sample for the correct calculation of loops. It is enough to tie 20 loops into 10 rows, this will give a complete picture of the density of the finished product. You can do it with the elastic band that you like best and make our knitted cardigans completely individual.

Back of the product

Knitted cardigans with description

On the circular knitting needles we type the number of loops,which corresponds to the width of the cloth from the wrist to the wrist. Keep in mind that when you wear the elastic band will be slightly stretched, so it's better to focus not on the standard 140 cm, but a little smaller. We knit an eraser height of 20 cm, after which we begin to gradually narrow the sleeve "bat." When the width of the backrest corresponds to our size, the reduction of the loops is stopped and we knit a straight web of the required length.

It should be taken into account that knitted cardigans with a sleeveThis style is suitable for almost any figure, but the depth of the sleeve should be selected individually. In some cases, you can not at all shrink the model, then the back and front will be rectangles.

Before the product

Cardigans crocheted

The front part of our cardigan also fits fromshoulder, but with the design of a rounded side. Evenly close the hinges until the length of the gear and the backrest is equal. Finished parts of the product are connected with a tambour seam.

Now begins the most difficult and interestingpart of work. "Zest", which distinguishes our knitted cardigans, is tying with a looped mohair on the edge of the model. The Davos yarn is very large and requires special treatment. We begin the finish with the cuffs, which is technically simpler. The work is carried out with knitting needles No. 8, we take the loops from the edges through one. Sufficient width will be 6-7 cm knitting, otherwise the cuff will become too heavy and deform the sleeve.

Start the strapping of the contour of the product better from the beginningcollar, this will make it slightly wider without breaking the working thread. Tie the ends of the yarn of different skeins neatly, so as not to break the yarn loops. Closing the last row of strapping, gently priposazhivayte it, so that the edge is not stretched.

As a fastener, use a decorative button or a taut cord.

From yarn manufacturer "Yarn Art" willbeautiful cardigans, crocheted. It can be not only a woolen thread, but also a thin acrylic, cotton or even melange for fans of experiments. I wish you courageous creative solutions!

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