Headgear is not only a wardrobe item,guarding us from the cold, but also part of our image. Therefore, approach his choice seriously. One of the most popular variants of hats are fashionable knitted hats.

Popular Models

Fashionable knitted hats
The most common model is fashionableknitted hat made of fine knitwear or wool. This model will favorably emphasize the hairstyle of long, loose hair. Owners of delicate features are better to avoid headdresses made thick viscous, since the face will become visually even smaller. Cap-earflap and hat-cap - these knitted fashionable hats fit, rather, girls young and mischievous. Wear them with a jacket or down jacket. However, if you are sure of your good taste, you can try to choose a model and under the clothes in the classical style. Also for young girls, a Norwegian cap (a cap with a bug and winter patterns) is suitable.

With what to wear?

Usually, headwear is chosen under outerwear. If your closet has a down jacket or a warm coat, then knitted fashionable hats are what you need. The situation is more complicated in the owners of fine fur coats made from natural fur. If you make a mistake with the choice of headgear, then it can give the kit a cheap look. Ask for help from the store's consultants, where fur is sold, you can probably also buy fashionable knitted hats there.

Fashionable knitted hats as accent

Knitted fashion hats
Such a wardrobe item may well becomethe main emphasis in your image. If you chose a dark down jacket or jacket, then a bright colored hat is just an indispensable purchase. It will create a mood and make your kit fashionable and relevant. In tone to the cap, get knitted gloves or mittens, and you will not only have heat. The charge of positive emotions to the owner of such a set is ensured. In addition to gloves, in one color range you can buy a scarf or even shoes. All this will look very relevant. But if you make a set of "top and hat in one tones," then you risk appearing boring and monotonous. In the same case, if both the outer clothing and the cap - of bright colors, it turns out too "colorful." This outfit can only be afforded by a teenager. Remember the golden rule of fashion: "in everything you need to feel the measure."

Fashionable knitted hats in 2013

Fashionable knitted hat
This year, the fashion tries to combineincompatible, mix all kinds of styles. This rule applies to outerwear. So you can try to create sets of classic things and mischievous knitted hats. Another actual method will be the addition of various ornaments to your headdress. Also one of the trends can be considered a hat that mimics the appearance of animals. Now this is not only the subject of a carnival costume, but also a full-fledged headdress. Such a hat will bring many positive emotions and will not leave you unattended.

At present, the choice is so wide andit is various that it's simply impossible to buy one product. And affordable prices for fashionable knitted hats allow you to buy several different models and change them depending on your mood.

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