In modern fashion, sometimes it is very difficultorientated. So many new things, foreign words, designating styles or different types of clothes. Now very often you can hear the word "cardigan", which is used in relation to almost any clothing on the buttons, but what exactly are cardigans?

What are cardigans

general information

Cardigans have their own specific style andsome signs. It is most correct to attribute to the category of cardigans an elongated jacket with buttons or a belt without a collar and lapels. From a regular blouse cardigan differs in length, and from a jacket - material and cut. The history of the cardigan dates back to the distant 18th century. Then the military servicemen wore warm knitted sweaters under their uniforms, and this handy name was given by one of the commanders named Cardigan.

In some cases, a cardigan is called an elongated jacket, which is not justified. For such clothes there is a definition - trench.

You can not find out without looking at what a cardigan is,photos clearly demonstrate all the features of this type of clothing. Cardigans are the most diverse in style, type of fabric, design solutions. Each of them approaches a certain style, situation and image.

Excursion to the history of fashion

The first heyday of the cardigan occurred in the 50s 20century. He was especially popular in England. No self-respecting lady could do without a shirt jacket. Especially relevant were the deuce, when a cardigan was worn knitted light blouse of the same texture. The second wave of cardigans came in the 70s. However, now miniature models made of the finest knitwear enjoyed special popularity. In the 1990s, a multi-layered fashion appeared, and the cardigan again became the focus of attention. Now any cardigan will be an excellent addition to the wardrobe, whether it is bulky and loose or, on the contrary, very thin, flying. And that, and the other thing is always useful. Long cardigans look good with narrow dresses, since they will additionally build a figure, shorter models are ideally combined with trousers and skirts. Thick cardigans - great for walking, relaxing in nature, and the lungs - for work in the office.

Kinds of cardigans

What is a cardigan photo

The question "what is cardigans" is a concrete answer. However, a great many models and styles of this type of clothing can confuse anyone.

A wide variety of kargdigans allows eachgirl to choose her own to create a unique image. Especially cardigan is relevant in autumn and in winter, when there is a need for multilayeredness, warmth and comfort.

Classic cardigan with buttons

The most common cardigan that does not require anyspecial researches in a complete set. It can be worn with classic pants, jeans, a pencil skirt. The length of such a cardigan can be different. Girls of low height do not recommend too long clothing, because it visually shortens the legs. Such cardigans usually have a V-neck. However, there are also possible options: a collar-stand, a round neckline. Depending on the shape and style of the buttons, the bottom of the kit is selected. For example, wooden buttons on a cardigan are in harmony with jeans.

Without fasteners

What is cardigans without fasteners is a soft andA warm cloak with sleeves, which is convenient to put on in cold weather. Look great with jeans and trousers. As a rule, they are made of thick jersey knit. Effectively look braids, patterns. Such a cardigan does not hold a shape, so it is not recommended for girls with a problem zone in the waist.

What is a cardigan female

With rounded floors

Such a cardigan does not have buttons or ties. He looks very original, feminine and stylish. Perfectly suitable for straight or narrowed down skirt, tight pants and jeans.

With fur trim

This cardigan is suitable for walking coolautumn evenings. It replaces the raincoat, windbreaker or coat - depending on the fur and fabric of the cardigan itself. Often such models are connected from wool, since they are intended for the cold season.

So, now it became clear what a cardigan is -Female lengthened knitted or knitted jacket with or without buttons. However, in recent years, more and more often cardigans are called almost any clothing that throws over a shirt or blouse. Now the fashion is fashionable. What is cardigans-shragi is a warm bolero with spacious sleeves without a collar, which looks great in a complete set with both warm things, and with summer ones, for example, with shorts. It can be worn in the evening, when the sun goes down and you need to cover your shoulders from the cool wind.

Male cardigan

Not only women can wear cardigans, but alsomen, because they also want to feel warm and comfortable. How to wear it, and what is a cardigan? A man's cardigan is a thick sweater with buttons. In length, it can be ordinary or slightly elongated. Usually cardigans look very loose, they are soft and warm. This is what distinguishes a cardigan from a regular pullover.

Kinds of cardigans

This kind of clothes fits well with both trousers,and with jeans. Cardigan can be worn by adherents of classical style, style of kazhual. Absolutely do not look cardigans in the event that the wardrobe is dominated by a sporting style.

Cardigan became popular due to such stars,As David Beckham, Daniel Craig. It turns out that women really like men who prefer such things. It's easy to look stylish in a cardigan. In addition, this thing is universal. Under the bottom, you can put on both a polo shirt and a shirt. He is also relevant in any situation: a date, a business meeting, work in the office. Exceptions can be made only by super-ceremonial measures.

What is a cardigan for men

Who is fit for men's cardigans?

It is not enough to know what a cardigan (male)and with what to wear it. It is also necessary to understand which figures fit, and who better to avoid this type of clothing. More effective sweaters on buttons or buckles look at tall men, especially if we talk about elongated styles. However, the usual cardigan without superfluous navorotov looks good on all figures, including full men. Moreover, correctly selected models can even "steal" a couple of extra pounds.

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