This article will be interesting to beginners (and notonly) photographers and models that do not know what the decoding of TFP stands for. This abbreviation is now increasingly found in photographers' forums, but many, even experienced photographers and models working in this field for many years, often fall into the trap. In order that in your work there were no disagreements and misunderstandings, let's understand this concept.

In other countries, the concept of TFP-photography has taken rootalready for a long time, and it is impossible to surprise anybody with it. So a lot of photographers and models work. We are a little behind the world trends or we do not want to let new trends in our everyday life.

decoding tfp

That's why you get awkward moments whenthe photographer invites the model to shoot in TFP, she happily agrees, but does not receive any money at the end of the work. There are cases and vice versa: when the model, hiring a photographer, stipulates that the shooting takes place in the TFP-format. In this case, the fee will not receive the photographer. You ask: "Why so?" This is where you need to understand this concept.

What does this abbreviation mean?

So, the decryption of TFP. Everything is not as difficult as it seems at first glance. We are not going to list all the possible variants of the decoding that are used in different countries, but if they are generalized, it will look like this: "Time for print", which means "time for pictures" or "time for printing", and this in principle, the same thing.

The term "Time for print", as well as "Time for print"CD ", today you can increasingly see in blogs and forums dedicated to photography. A modern photographer must understand such concepts and not get into embarrassing situations.

Mutual settlement

The TFP decoding means the following. You as a model do not pay anything to your photographer. In return, he will not pay you anything. A good way to get quality photos for free and virtually painless is to take photos of TFP. Deciphering this abbreviation, rather, means the whole process and the time spent together. Each one remains at his own profit.

tfp decryption

How to understand this?

As a result of the work done, the model receivesphotos with the full right to use them in their portfolio for modeling agencies, etc. And the photographer for his work is entitled to use these photos for his projects, both commercial and non-commercial.

In no case should you take this as a "freebie". Both sides invested their labor and skills, but instead of money they receive mutual settlement.

ftp photography

In any case, arrangements must exist. And you need to do this before you shoot. If not in words and in confidence, then be sure to write on paper. In this case, you can avoid unpleasant surprises. This is a world practice, there is nothing shameful.

Why do this? Each of the parties in this case will protect themselves. Immediately need to specify what will happen to bad or bad photos. It will be unpleasant if the model sees itself in some glossy publication in the wrong perspective. It is possible that a bad photo will spoil the reputation. This applies to the photographer's side as well.

Now you already know what it means to decrypt TFP, and you will not get into an embarrassing situation.

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