FIFA is the largest football federation inworld, which affects the development and condition of this sport on the whole planet. It was she who gathered all the world football federations of each country under her banners, it was originally created to generalize and bring football rules to a single look, which allowed this sport to become official and develop in one direction, which led to the fact, that it became the most popular in the world. In this article, you will learn about the history and activities of this organization, as well as understand the deciphering of the abbreviation of FIFA. About the abbreviation questions are asked by many football fans, so it should pay special attention. People are having difficulty deciphering the abbreviation of FIFA, so this article may be very useful for you.


abbreviation of a fifa

So, the first question to be addressedis the deciphering of the abbreviation of FIFA. Many people make a mistake and begin to look for options for Russian decoding, but it is worthwhile to understand that the abbreviation is not originally Russian and looks like FIFA. Accordingly, it is necessary to look at the original in order to understand what the essence is in this. It turns out that this is a French abbreviation, and the full version of the name of this organization in French sounds like the Fédération Internationale de Football Association. What does this mean? The interpretation of the abbreviation of FIFA was insufficient to allow a Russian-speaking person to understand the meaning. Therefore, it is worth mentioning the translation. If you translate literally, you get the "International Federation of Football Associations", which, in fact, is FIFA, which unites all the official football associations of the world under their banners. However, the generally accepted name in Russian is shorter. This body is called the International Football Federation. Well, now you know the deciphering of the abbreviation of FIFA in Russian, so you can look at some other interesting points.

What it is?

FIFA decoding of abbreviations in Russian

Many curious fans willit is not enough to decipher FIFA. What it is? The definition of the activity of this body is not so easy to give, because it is the world's leading. Speaking briefly and simply, this is the main governing football organization in the world. In the scope of FIFA includes a variety of responsibilities, from the installation and change of football rules and ending with the definition of the venue for major tournaments.

Tournaments under the auspices of FIFA

Now that you know how to decodethe word FIFA, you can pay attention to what major football tournaments are held under the auspices of this association. Naturally, the biggest tournament is the World Cup, but also FIFA organizes the Olympic football tournaments and a fairly young Confederations Cup.

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