The most common type in our countryfruits are apples. They are very useful for human health. A fruit is a real storehouse of vitamins, substances and microelements that we need. It is widely used by folk medicine men. Confirms the benefits of fruit and traditional medicine.

Dried apples are good

Use apples not only fresh. For long-term storage, they are cooked. They are perfect with jams and jams, juices and compotes, as well as jam. In winter, dried apples are good. Their benefits are also invaluable to human health. Keep the medicinal fruit in this form can be for a long time. Dried apples, the benefits and harms of which are known for a long time, are prepared for winter by almost every mistress. At the same time, they do not lose the beneficial properties with which the fresh fruit is endowed.

What is their value? Dried apples, the benefit of which lies in their medicinal composition, include vitamins E, K, and also belonging to group B. There is also ascorbic acid present in them. In addition, in the fruits prepared for long-term storage, there are zinc and iodine, magnesium and copper, potassium and selenium, manganese and iron, magnesium and sodium.

Dried apples, the benefits of which are manifested inthe connections with the numerous useful components present in their composition are rich in cellulose and pectin, various acids and protein, phytoncides and dietary fibers, essential oils and catechins. Fruits have a beneficial effect on the nervous and circulatory, as well as on the digestive system. They also stimulate metabolism.

Dried apples benefit and harm
Eating an apple helpsthe appearance in the intestine of a beneficial microflora. Dried fruits are a great help in eliminating constipation. They are used in inflammatory processes in the large intestine. Such influence of medicinal fruits is possible due to the cellulose contained in them, which removes slag from the body and normalizes the digestive process.

Dried apples, the benefits of which are also contained inpectin present in them, lower the level of harmful cholesterol in the blood, and also neutralize toxic compounds. The use of medicinal dried fruits favorably affects the work of the urinary system.

dried apples harm
Dried apples, the benefits of which are enclosed in theirhelping the body absorb calcium, is recommended for osteoporosis and other pathological processes in the musculoskeletal system. The use of valuable dried fruit in food promotes the fastest digestion of fat and protein by the body. Compatible apples with meat and many other dishes.

The use of medicinal dried fruits isgreat prevention of obesity. Due to the potassium contained in the fetus, excess fluid is eliminated from the body. The ability of apples to increase immune forces is great. Taking them for food improves memory and protects the body from premature aging. This significantly reduces the risk of cancer.

There are times when they can bring driedapples are harmful. They are not recommended for use with obesity and diabetes. In these cases, the intake of dried fruits can negatively affect human health.

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