Vermouth is one of the types of aperitif,whose wine, alcohol, spices, sugar. The wine is traditionally white. The very word "vermouth" in translation from the South German means "wormwood". Thus, it turns out that this is a drink on wormwood.

"Martini" - one of the favorite vermouth of the fair sex. Ladies appreciate it for its unique delicate taste and aroma, lightness and ease.

This name is known all over the world. Is a brand. "Martini" refers to premium beverages.

"Martini" - Italian vermouth, the name receivedfrom the plant in Turin. In the manufacture of vermouth, about thirty-five kinds of various herbs are used, which gives the drink a special character, sensuality and uniqueness. There are several types of "Martini". Some got the name from the color:

  • "Rosso" or red is vermouth withbitter taste, he was the first child of the Martini plant. With what to drink it: with ice, juice or lemon. In this drink there is caramel, which gives him a dark amber color;
  • "Bianco" or white - the flavor is very soft,herbal (vanilla and spice), in contrast to "Rosso" - a more delicate and thinner taste. But at the same time, gives a sense of celebration, luxury. This "martini" with what to drink? Ice, lemon, soda, tonic, lemonade will suit perfectly. You can add cream, chocolate chips to taste.
  • "Rosato" or pink - is exclusive in thatWine of two kinds is used only in its production: red and white. A very delicate aromatic bouquet, tinted with notes of cinnamon and cloves, tonic effect on the body.
  • "Doro" or golden - was created for residents of Germany, Denmark, Switzerland. It corresponds to their tastes - a white wine with sweetish fruit notes.
  • "Fiero" - this one was created for the residents of Benelux. It has a rich aroma, notes of citrus (especially red orange) are felt.
  • "Extra Drive" - ​​has a light, straw color, andThe aroma is more saturated than that of "Rosso". You can note notes of raspberries, iris, lemon. This vermouth has less sugar and more alcohol than other types. This kind of dry "Martini" with what to drink? In its pure form, chilled. Serves as the basis for numerous cocktails. There is a legend that forty kinds of various herbs are used to create this vermouth.

So, there are several types of "Martini", with which to drink each of them - everyone decides to his own taste. The general rule for "Martini" is to use chilled.

It is believed that the "Martini" with olives piquant,than without them. Therefore, many prefer to put the olive in a glass (martini). But this is an amateur. If you like olives, then you can put, and if not, then there is no need to spoil your enjoyment.

There is one more question - how to dilute the "Martini"? As a rule, vermouth is not diluted, because it is not so strong to need it. It's all about tastes and preferences. But on its basis there are many cocktails. For example, the cocktail "Martini medium" is ten milliliters of dry vermouth, ten milliliters of white vermouth, forty milliliters of dry gin. Mix all.

"Martini drive" - ​​ten milliliters of dry vermouth, fifty milliliters of dry gin.

"Pink petals" - sixty milliliters of vodka. One Art. a spoonful of rose water, two tablespoons. spoons of sugar, pink petals. Connect all but the petals in the shaker, add ice. Pink petals decorate at the end before serving.

"Martini with cognac" - in equal proportions cognac, martini and freshly squeezed juice (preferably not citrus). Mix in a shaker and add ice cubes.

"Freshness" - "Martini" two third glasses, sprite one third of the glass, cut fresh cucumbers and orange straws and add to the glass.

To date, the already classic "Martini Orange" - "Martini" with orange juice. Now mix "Martini" with a variety of juices.

The possibilities of "Martini" are inexhaustible. They say about him that this is not a drink, but a way of life.

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