Martini is one of the most popular inworld of alcoholic beverages. Many for some reason believe that this is some kind of separate type of alcohol (like whiskey or rum, for example). In fact, it's just a brand of the most famous Italian vermouth, named after the owners of the plant for its production - Luigi Rossi and Alessandro Martini. They produce several types of this drink, differing by the addition of certain plants and spices: coriander, millennia, chamomile, juniper, orange, mint, ginger and others. The basis is always the same - quality dry wine. Use this vermouth both in pure form, and with various additives. Before talking about what to drink with the "Martini", you need to understand its varieties. Among them we can distinguish:

what to drink with martini

  • "Martini Bianco" - white vermouth with notes of vanilla and spicy taste;
  • "Martini Rosso" - caramel-pink color, with characteristic bitterness of taste;
  • "Martini Rosato" - pink vermouth, in the composition contains various spices, produced on the basis of both white and red wine.

Many people do not think about what to drink with"Martini", preferring to mix it with juice. By the way, this is a pretty good option for using vermouth. It is especially well combined with orange and pineapple, grapefruit, pomegranate and cherry juice. Of course, this should be fresh, not packaged drinks, slightly resembling natural fresh squeezed juice. The proliferation is as follows: 2 parts of vermouth and 1 part of juice. Or in equal quantities with juice and ice.

with which it is better to drink Martini

What to drink with "Martini Bianco"? This is a classic variety of vermouth, so there are more successful combinations with it than with other types of drink. Often it is used by barmen to prepare a variety of cocktails. In addition to the vermouth, there is another alcohol (mixed with gin, vodka, rum, liqueur) and sweet ingredients (juices, tonic, syrups), as well as coffee, cream, chocolate, lemon, ginger, fruit purees, etc.

And with what it is better to drink "Martini" in its pure form? Undiluted vermouth is usually accented with olive, which is dropped on a skewer directly into the glass with a drink. There is a slice of lemon. By the way, to "Martini" better revealed their taste, drink it should not be warm and not cold - the ideal temperature is 10-15 degrees. Before serving, you can add a couple of ice cubes to the glass.

In the youth environment it is customary to mix vermouth withcarbonated drinks - Coca-Cola or Sprite, lemonades. Gin and tonic is also a very popular option. But strong alcohol (cognac, whiskey) is considered an inappropriate company for "Martini".

with what they drink red martini

We propose two interesting recipes for cocktails with this vermouth. The first one is called "Puppet." To prepare it you need the following components:

  • on 50 ml "Martini Bianco" and "Extra Dry";
  • 10 ml of rum and banana liqueur;
  • 30 ml of orange juice;
  • 5 cubes of ice.

The second cocktail is "Explosion". It consists of:

  • "Martini Bianco" and vodka - 20 ml each;
  • "Irish Krima" - 15 ml;
  • grenadine - 10 ml.

And what to drink with "Martini" is considered traditional, buta very unusual option? You will be surprised, but this is juice of onions. Several rings should be put on the bottom of the glass (or squeeze out the juice from them) and pour the vermouth. The drink should be stuck for a few minutes. The taste will be very interesting, worth a try.

Options for what you drink red "Martini", less. As a rule, it's vodka and gin, all kinds of juices. Also it is drunk in its pure form with lemon slices.

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