The famous winemaking company Martini,alcoholic beverages of which have already become bestsellers around the world, does not stop there. Constantly among the proposed products there is something new. And the latest novelty, which promises to become a bestseller, is the sparkling wine of Martini Prosecco. But what is its difference from other similar drinks? And why is it better than champagne? And most importantly, when and with what to drink it?

What is Prosecco?

Of course, the most famous sparkling wine ischampagne. But its production is very laborious, and therefore one bottle of such a drink simply can not be cheap. It's much easier with sparkling wines, which are easier to make. However, most of them lose in many ways to champagne. The exception is only a couple of varieties of wine.

Martini Prosecco

And one of them is an Italian sparkling wineprosecco. It is produced using the Sharm method. That is, its secondary fermentation is carried out in huge stainless steel tanks. This leads to a significant cost reduction. However, to taste the wine is not affected, for the production of Martini prosecco take only certain grape varieties from the province of Veneto. So the company also pays tribute to the historical tradition.

With what and when to drink?

First of all, it is important to understand that, as well asand champagne, Martini Prosecco is served chilled. It is very important. Only in this way will the whole bouquet be revealed. At first there will be a feeling of coolness, like on the seashore. Then a delicate taste with notes of a green apple and peach will be revealed, leaving a slight spicy aftertaste.

Champagne Martini Prosecco

But what to submit to the sparkling wine Martiniprosecco? The Italians themselves consider it easy and often drink their dishes during lunch. In the rest of Europe it is used as an aperitif, like champagne. So, to him, seafood, Italian and French cheeses and, of course, crackers are excellent for snacks. But most importantly - it can be served as the main wine, to fish for dinner or dinner. But in combination with fruits and chocolate Martini Prosecco may seem too sour.

Cocktails with Martini Prosecco

In addition, such a sparkling wine has long beenpart of popular alcoholic cocktails. First of all, it is, of course, the famous Italian "Syringe" for the whole world. Easy to prepare, but no less interesting. In a tall glass you need to put a little chopped ice. Pour 100 ml of prosecco, add 50 ml of aperyol and soda water. All mix well and decorate with orange peel. Simple and tasteful. And this strange name for Italy is due to the fact that it was invented at a time when the province of Veneto was part of Austria-Hungary.

Wine of Martini Prosecco

Another popular cocktail with Martini Prosecco -this is Mimosa. Although initially it was made with champagne, but with sparkling wine it turns out with a richer taste. For a classic cocktail you need to take a glass for "Margarita" and fill it with fine crushed ice frappe. Pour 15 ml of grenadine syrup, then 100 ml of orange juice and sparkling wine. You need to do this carefully to preserve the layers. Decorate with zest and a slice of orange and a cocktail cherry.

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