What kind of dacha can do without a barbecue? This is an obligatory attribute of any country plot. It's unlikely that there will be a person who does not like to meet friends outdoors in summer and enjoy a delicious juicy shish kebab. If you are tired of using small portable braziers, then it's time to build a brazier with a brick roof on your site. Such a structure will please you and people close to you for many years.

BBQ with roof
If you have not decided yet what you want to buildbrazier, then we hasten to inform you that it can be made of iron, stone and refractory bricks. The latter option is most often used. A special brick, used for making stoves and fireplaces, will not be difficult to acquire. In addition, you will need cement, sand, reinforcement and gravel.

Before you start building a brazier with a roof,you must choose a suitable place for construction. To do this, you need to observe where the wind most often blows on your site. It is necessary to know this in order to build your building where it will not disturb neighbors with smoke and smells of ready food.

It is desirable that before the start of construction youhad at least a minimal experience in brick laying. If you did not have to do such work, then contact your friends - perhaps among them there is a craftsman who will happily spend the weekend with you at the dacha, combining business with pleasure. In addition, before you start building, you need to clearly imagine what the future creation will look like.

barbecue grills

Mangals from a brick, photos of which can be viewedin numerous editions of the relevant subjects, are very diverse. Perhaps viewing photos will help you make the right choice. Once you have finally decided on the type of construction, you can start working.

First, in a pre-prepared place, domarking for the future foundation. This is done with the help of pegs and the usual rope. Dig a trench depth of thirty centimeters - this is enough for the foundation. Its size depends on the size of the barbecue and on whether you will make a concrete pad in front of the barbecue. If you need it, then add to the size of the foundation fifty-seventy centimeters, about fifteen centimeters back from behind and from the side. It must be remembered that the foundation must be ten centimeters above the ground level. This can be achieved by using a cobbled formwork, installed around the trench. When the foundation completely dries, the formwork is removed. Then proceed to the brickwork.

mangals for a summer residence with a roof
Mangals for dachas with a roof should not be verylarge. Their width depends entirely on the length of your skewers, and the length is determined by the maximum number of prospective guests. The height depends on the height of the person engaged in cooking shish kebab. As a rule, it is 90-120 cm. A smoke box with a pipe is built above the barbecue, and a niche for a small stock of firewood is provided from below.

To cook meat in any weather, youwill need a brazier with a roof, which will be attached to four concreted pillars. Its size will depend on what you still want to place under the roof: light furniture, additional lockers, etc.

Brick brazier with a roof for many years will gather around you people close to you, the joy of communicating with which is worth a lot.

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