A modern country house is unthinkable without a gazebo. If you speak in a dry language, the arbor is a light, covered building for rest, protection from rain and the creation of a shadow from the sun, which refers to garden and park structures. In fact, it is a real decoration of the suburban area and always corresponds to its style of decoration. Made of wood, wrought iron or plastic, such a structure often has an intricate form of walls and roofs.

To install many arbours, you need a foundation,so it is much easier to buy a pavilion for a dacha, a tent, an awning or at least a large umbrella. They will also protect you from the pouring rain and scorching sun rays, you can relax under them, hold a family dinner or a romantic celebration.

pavilions for summer cottages

Ideal for relaxing outdoorsPavilions for dachas exist in different versions. They can differ in shape and size, material of manufacture and purpose. Yes, and they can be in different styles. For example, the "Moorish" tent with an intricate roof will look quite romantic and attractive.

Classical rectangular pavilions for cottages,having a roof and fenced at least from three sides to protect from oblique rain and wind, for use in nature are ideal. After all, in the pavilion, it is not necessary to wait for a serious bad weather, but to cover it on a sunny day or to protect it from drizzling rain, it can quite. There are also combined structures, when in bad weather the huge windows of the pavilion are closed, and in the sunny - the transoms move apart, and the pavilion becomes an open gazebo.

Going to rest on the nature of a big company,you can use large functional tents. Pavilions, tents for cottages will be useful, if in the open air it is planned to hold a big family celebration, for example, a wedding or a birthday. Such a light structure will definitely protect all guests from unpredictable or unsuitable moods of capricious nature.

Some argue that the pavilions for the dacha are somewhat like an ordinary tourist tent. In fact, they have a number of characteristic features.

buy pavilion for summer residence
Very often they are simpleOpen structures that are only protected from above by a roof. Such a "roof" and reliably protects, and makes the process of ventilation effective. In addition, the open pavilion is easy to install, it has a large useful area, several times larger than the usual tent.

A large interior space allowsto equip the pavilion at your own discretion. If it is used for celebrations, tables and chairs can be placed inside it. In a small pavilion you can put a sofa or chairs, arrange a place for rest of several people.

Some designs can be used even forovernight. But only if they are equipped with closing doors of fabric or at least a canopy. Such pavilions for a dacha must necessarily have a mosquito net for protection against mosquitoes and other insects. Otherwise a romantic overnight stay under the canopy of the starry sky can turn into a night of nightmares.

pavilions tents for summer cottages

Given the ease and ease of installation, in the countrysuch "protective structures" can be located anywhere: on an open lawn, by a pool or a pond. In any case, they try to arrange not just the most convenient, but also so that from them you can admire the beautiful view.

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