a door for a summer residence wooden
Every year more and more townspeople dream ofown (even small) country house. This desire is easily explained by the rhythm of life in megacities. Sometimes you want to escape for the city at least for the weekend, forget about the hectic, about dusty and noisy streets, about work problems. Just in silence sit on the river bank or in the shady garden. In the end, just change the situation and breathe air without exhaust. To make your dreams come true, it's enough to buy a summer residence and build a small and cozy house on it. To equip it according to one's own taste and get pleasure from communication with nature.

If your dreams are half fulfilled, and you already havethere is a site, it's time to think about what will be your house: how do you see the windows, doors, common interior. I would like to note that today there is no problem of purchasing building materials and individual structures. You will not have to build a hanging-place from everything that comes to hand, as did our parents, grandfathers and grandmothers. Today you can use high-quality materials at reasonable prices. Just you need to decide on a choice.

wooden interior doors for summer residence
For example, the door to give. The wooden model can be made of a file, or maybe of MDF, chipboard or fiberboard. Which one should I choose? In many ways, of course, it depends on your imagination and your financial capabilities.

The door to the wooden house will never come out offashion and perfectly fit into any interior. The array keeps warm well, which you can experience in the winter. The only thing that embarrasses many summer residents is the price, because natural wood is characterized not only by popularity and demand, but also by high cost.

cheap wooden doors for summer residence
The door to give a wooden is somewhat cheaper, ifis a deaf construction. Glass or stained glass inserts for a modest cottage will be superfluous. It is important to know which type of tree is preferable in this case. The dacha differs from a country house in that it is empty in winter, the structure is not heated, and therefore it freezes quite strongly. Therefore, the door for a wooden house must withstand temperature changes. In this situation, the veneer product may not withstand such loads. Therefore, it is best to install doors from the array.

The most affordable material - particle board,which can not boast of either environmental friendliness or longevity. Followed by a fiberboard. The doors of this material are more durable. But they too are processed by synthetic substances.

You can also choose cheaper woodendoors for dachas or plastic. Their choice is diverse, they have good insulating properties. That's why they can successfully replace the wooden interior doors for dachas. In addition, they fit well into virtually any interior.

Of course, you need to take care of the front door to your holiday home. The main criterion for choosing this product is reliability. Therefore, the most suitable option is a steel structure.

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