Any hostess wants to be in the kitchen, in herpersonal kingdom, there was always an ideal order, any thing could be found, household appliances worked like a Swiss clock, and knives acutely competed with the most caustic monologues of Zadornov.

However, the purity itself needs to be guided, the technique breaks down from time to time, the blades of the knives become dull, they have to be sharpened.

But - about a miracle! - To help housewives began to produce special knives - ceramic. Their basis is not steel, as usual, but an alloy of zirconium oxide. These ceramic knives have received positive reviews due to their special hardness and strength, which is hardly superior to even super-hard minerals - diamond and corundum. That is why "ceramics from zirconium" is used in dentistry in the manufacture of needles for drills, as well as in hair clippers.

Therefore, the strength of durability,wear resistance of steel are those main indicators that have provided zirconium oxide so wide and versatile application. And ceramic knives, the reviews claim, have become one of the most cherished gifts in the kitchen.


So, let's dwell on those advantages that the hostess gets from a home cooker or chef in a restaurant kitchen, working with knives from ceramics:

  • such knives do not need regular sharpening. Without exaggeration, we say: this tool can be used every day for several years. Ceramic knives, reviews underscore, even after three years of work look like brand new, the blades are perfect, without scratches. If, after an unlimited number of years, the tool began to need sharpening, for this there are ceramic sharpeners;
  • ceramic knives, reviews inform us,environmentally cleaner and safer for our health than steel. This is explained simply: ceramics are not oxidized, do not enter into chemical reactions with products. Therefore zirconium ceramics is used first of all by those who sincerely care about their physical condition;
  • ceramic blades are damaged, spalled, deformed when sharpened rarely. For this to happen, the norms and rules of operation must be violated.

Brand of the manufacturer

All reviews of ceramic knives containwarning: when buying, pay attention to the country of origin, not just the price. The effort in the market of cheap products from China has seriously affected the quality of the goods. Zirconium knives made in China, will be fragile and have little to do with. They are worn out quickly, causing severe disappointment with their owners. And, on the contrary, products of firms-pioneers from Japan (namely the Country of the Rising Sun belongs to honor of the ingenious invention!) Will become excellent assistants in the kitchen for many years. They are produced from black and white zirconium dioxide by sintering technology in furnaces at a temperature limit of 1600 degrees Celsius. From the time of "hardening", i.e. "Baking" the strength of knives and depends: the longer, the stronger. Choosing a ceramic knife, reviews suggest that preference should be given to Japanese firms Samura and Kyocera.

Mistresses for a note

Nothing in this world is eternal, even knives fromceramics. Yes, they fail. But there are several rules that would not hurt to know those who liked these things and who are sorry to part with the knives.

  1. Black ceramic knives, testimonials tell us, is stronger than white knives. they are longer in the oven, and therefore, and more baked.
  2. Scrape, chop the bones with such knives can not, they lose their marketable appearance, or they can just spoil.
  3. Do not try to cut them products only from freezers - this and steel do not like.
  4. A ceramic knife is a kitchen knife, it is not suitable for tourist needs or as a penknife.
  5. When buying a good idea to pay attention to the handleknife. If it is made of rubberized plastic, such a knife will fit comfortably in the palm of your hand, it will not slip out, and the cooking process will become even more convenient and pleasant.

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