The drug "Tsi-Klim" belongs to the category of estrogens, gestagens, their homologues and antagonists.

Therapeutic effect of Cyclime

Instructions for use show that the drug refers to parapharmaceuticals, is an alternative to hormonal during menopause.

cyclim instructions for use
The medicine consists of natural components,the active substance is a cymicfuge extract. The plant produces an estrogen-like effect on the female body, while eliminating weight gain and side effects. The "Cyclime" remedy has a beneficial effect on the nervous vegetative system and has a sedative effect. In addition, the drug is capable of renewing skin cells, increasing the amount of hyaluronic acid and collagen. The "Cyclime" medication (instruction on the use of this says) removes dizziness and headache, reduces pressure and calms the heartbeat, reduces the frequency and severity of bouts of sweating and hot flashes. With the use of the drug, sleep normalizes, working capacity improves, and the probability of osteoporosis decreases. Produced in the form of tablets and cream. Thanks to the cumulative effect of the drug, the positive effect continues for a month after the start of therapy.

Indication of the "Cyclime"

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Instruction for use explains that, thanks torestorative effect, during the menopause medication is recommended to be taken as an active additive to food. Effectively, the drug when used to restore the body after performing operations on the reproductive organs.

Contraindications of the drug "Cyclime"

Instruction for use says that you can notuse the drug with hypersensitivity, as well as during lactation and pregnancy. It is forbidden to take medication with estrogen-dependent tumors. Under the supervision of a doctor, a drug is used for endometriosis and uterine myoma.

The medicine "Cyclum": instructions for use, reviews

The additive is consumed with food twice a dayone tablet. The therapy lasts more than 3 months, because the medicine has accumulative properties. Long-term use enhances the effectiveness of the drug. After a six-month period of use, it is necessary to discontinue treatment and contact the doctor for further instructions.

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The cream is applied lightly on the skin of the neck, faceand other places. Use this form in the morning and evening. Patients say that after two weeks of applying the cream they have a more elastic skin, increased its elasticity, for the better, the complexion has changed.

Side effect of the drug "Cyclime"

The instructions for use say that, in general, the drug is well tolerated. In some situations, there may be a slight allergy.

"Cyclime" medication: instructions for use, price

The cost of the drug is 275 rubles. The drug can be used for two years, storage is carried out at room temperature.

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