Unusual weddings are now winningmore and more popularity. They attract attention of everyone around them, they like to shoot on video and cameras. The most unusual weddings are shown in the news. Newlyweds, not afraid of extremism and turned their holiday into an entertaining adventure, cause a sense of delight.

However, one who dreams of celebrating a bright life event outside the box should bear in mind that:

1. The scenario of such a celebration should come to the liking of both the newlyweds and the guests.

2. Unusual weddings require the creation of a special atmosphere.

3. In advance it is necessary to consider the question of whether it is worthwhile to warn acquaintances, friends and relatives about the creative orientation of the celebration.

The first dance of the newlyweds, as well as the wedding cakemust match the style of the holiday. In any case, unusual weddings are affordable for everyone. If your budget is small and does not allow you to invite artists and modify the atmosphere, you can find a specific topic, so that the available "minuses" are perceived as a detailed "zest".

Widespread popularity is enjoyed by marriage,conducted under the script of a gangster wedding. To create a holiday atmosphere you will need a saxophone and whiskey with ice cubes, charleston with tap dance and gambling, a fight with the police and smuggling, and the end of the dry law. In this case, it should not be surprising if the bride is kidnapped by the mafia, and the cake is thrown into your face.

Unusual weddings can be celebrated on the waterspace. The season of such celebrations begins in May and ends in October. The romanticism of such a wedding is emphasized by white sails, blowing the newlyweds with a warm breeze and a quiet splash of waves. Anyone who does not spare money will leave an indelible impression of the holiday in his memory.

Unusual weddings, the organization of which is under forceonly professional divers, are marked under water. At the same time there is no need for ceremonial dresses, which can be changed to wetsuits. In order to get good photographs, it is best to organize a solemn ceremony in the pool. Professionals-divers will paint you at a depth of four meters, congratulate and take off on a video or camera. The feast is organized on land.

An unusual celebration on earth can beginfavorite melody, which is the anthem of your relationship. It can be replaced in the registry office Mendelssohn's march. The newlyweds can perform the first waltz on skates, having reserved a skating rink in advance and having allocated a little time for training before the day of marriage.

The most romantic and unusual weddingsare noted in the sky. For this, the newlyweds must decide to fly in the basket of the balloon. Holding such a celebration does not depend on the season of the year. In the flight you can go both in summer and in winter. The only condition for the scenario is cloudless weather with a weak wind, the speed of which does not exceed five meters per second. The most favorable period is the morning or evening hours, when the bride and groom can admire the gentle sunrise or the delightful sunset.

A solemn day can also be commemoratedjump with parachutes. In this case, the newlyweds must prepare for such an act, both morally and physically. The season of such weddings begins in February and lasts until October. Despite the extreme, wishing to celebrate their event in this way every year becomes more and more.

Conducting unusual weddings is appropriate in a certain character warehouse for both newlyweds. They must be fearless, extreme and ready for the thrill tests.

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