Wedding - an important event in the life of eachnew family. However, this celebration passes quickly, and only pleasant memories remain. But, in addition to the wedding itself, a married couple can celebrate an anniversary every year - the time spent together.

wedding anniversary competitions

What is best to do?

Besides an ordinary feast, it's better to think abouthow you can entertain people who still come to congratulate friends on a regular date. Excellent helpers in this situation are competitions for the anniversary of the wedding.

Pinocchio and Malvina

The first competition will be exclusively forof a married couple. Thus it will be possible to determine who is who in the family. So, you need to take a large box and sketch out there male and female things. Then the couple is blindfolded and they are dressed to the touch. The winner will be the one who more correctly chooses a wardrobe. Also, based on the results of the competition, it will be possible to draw a comic conclusion about who is in the family a man and who is a woman.


What else can be competitions for the anniversary?wedding? Why not marry one another to a married couple? For this it is necessary to prepare papers with letters written on them. In turn, the husband and wife pull out pieces of paper and praise their spouse on the letter. The winner is the one who says more pleasant and affectionate words about his half.

Funny contests for the wedding anniversary


The following competitions for the wedding anniversary - onsharpness. Here you need a presenter who will call the description of the wedding, for example, cotton, and the husband and wife will have to guess at what time of marriage this wedding is celebrated. It will also be interesting to hear clarification of the answers, they can be quite amusing. The winner is the one who will call more correct dates.


You can also choose funny contests forwedding anniversary in a dance style. So, you can inflate small balls, and invited guests to break into pairs. The dancers who will hold the restless ball for the longest time will win. You can also prepare a dance competition for the husband and wife. To do this, you need to pick up the music of folk dances of many countries, under which the couple will be forced to dance in a certain way. The winner is the one who will make the most appropriate to the national music na. And, of course, you can make a contest for the most unusual dance. To do this, quick and cheerful music should be included (for example, Verka Serduchka), and the one who will "give" the best in the dance will win.

5 years anniversary of wedding contests


You can also pick up song contests foranniversary of the wedding. You can guess the songs on one line only, the one who wins the most right answers will win. It's also good to arrange karaoke and celebrate the best singer. It's also good to play "Guess the melody" - to try to guess the song by the introduction.

"Wooden" competitions

If a married couple lives together for 5 years(anniversary of the wedding), competitions can be selected appropriate. This is a wooden wedding, so the competition can touch the trees. Some plants can be given specific tasks by characteristics. For example, an oak tree is strong, so the contest will be a power contest. The sheet of aspen is light, so the husband and wife can compete in whoever will overdrive a piece of paper or a leaf. Hazelnuts are rich in nuts, so you can try to chop them into speed.

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