Kabardian weddings today are not only joyand a beautiful sight. This is a continuous debate, and sometimes conflicts. The fact is that the traditional, fully relevant to the old customs of the action should last more than one year.

Kabardian weddings
The groom's family first long looked for a decentbride. Then through her relatives she proposed to her relatives. In case of consent (and it could not be given at once), the families started to agree on the kalym. This was done slowly, but thoroughly. After that, the bride's bridesmaids took place, later - betrothal. All these actions were conducted strictly according to national traditions, followed a strict ritual or, if you like, a script. When the bridegroom contributed part of the kalym, the bride could be taken out of the parental home. The withdrawal process is also strictly regulated. He is no less entertaining than the Kabardian weddings themselves.

The girl was settled in the same house, the groom in the other. Until the wedding, he could not see his relatives, especially with the elders and the bride. Only after a long time the girl was taken to the groom's house, to the room where they would live. But in the general hall it was taken out only after a few weeks. Of course, this description is only the most concise summary of this holiday. Rituals are much broader, more colorful.

beautiful Kabardian weddings
But today few of the Kabardians strictlyadheres to. Even the most beautiful Kabardian wedding today contains only elements of folk culture: music, singing, sometimes national costumes. And it is this deviation from the historical traditions that angered many Kabardians. What does not like the adherents of the old rites most?

Kabardian weddings today

Today, as in the old days, the bride can alsoto steal. She is also placed in the house of relatives, but when her parents come, they ask the girl's consent. If she agrees, the Imam comes into the house and marries. By the way, many believe that Kabardian weddings should take place in the house, and not in the restaurant. This is the first feature. If the bride does not agree, she can just go home. This is also a feature of our time. After Imam's conclusion of a Muslim marriage, preparation for the wedding begins. Interestingly, taking out the sheets after the wedding night, which is still practiced, especially in remote areas, is contrary to the traditions of Islam. However, few of the Kabardians and other Caucasians know about this. You can not connect men and women at a traditional wedding. Traditions require that they have fun separately.

the most beautiful Kabardian wedding
And, of course, the bride should be hidden from outside views.

And what is the most beautiful Kabardian weddingToday? This set of luxuriously cleaned cars, fashionably dressed guests, girls in European dresses with bare shoulders, candid shootings of the bride and groom for a wedding video. Is it bad? Someone believes that "Russified" or "ovropeennye weddings" - the disgrace of the nation, one more step towards the loss of national identity. Others think that modern beautiful Kabardian weddings with a European bias are a tribute to the times. Who is right? Probably, the relatives of the bride and groom should look for the answer to this question. Only they have the right to determine how much it is necessary to preserve the old traditions, and how much to use the generally accepted methods of celebration for the new time.

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